DIY Magnetic Wall

Bring the front door of the refrigerator to the kid’s room with a DIY magnetic wall! I found this brilliant idea on an awesome party and lifestyle blog called Oh Happy Day, and couldn’t resist sharing it. This project is definitely on the list for my next kid’s room projects. I’m almost thinking about scrapping the chalkboard wall for a magnetic wall board – less mess!

Not only is this fun, but I think it’s a great learning tool. They can play, learn to spell, count, and colorfully decorate their room all at the same time. For older kids, it would be a great space to hang photos, drawings and notes. If you don’t want it to be quite so permanent, you could also use a smaller piece of sheet metal, frame it, and then securely hang it on the wall.

DIY Magnet Wall

Source: Oh Happy Day

Materials Needed

 Sheet metal, card board, nails, a hammer, a drill bit, and alphabet letters (and other fun magnets if you want!)


1. Unless you have a metal sheer and heavy duty clamp, you’ll need to get the sheet metal cut by a professional. After measuring the wall space you want to cover, contact your local hardware stores or handy man to get the job done.

2. Once the sheet metal is cut to size, lay it over cardboard (or any other surface that you don’t mind getting damaged) and drill a small hole in each corner of the sheet metal. If you don’t have a drill bit, you can also hammer a nail into the corners to create holes.

3. With someone’s help, hold the sheet metal against your wall and hammer your nails into your predrilled holes, starting at the bottom. Be careful, the edges are rather sharp.

4. Add your magnets and have fun!

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