DIY Pencil Toppers – a unique gift alternative to cards on Valentine’s Day. This project is fun for kids of all ages and doesn’t require much time or effort.

Materials Needed:

Pencils, pipe cleaners, foam paper, scissors, and permanent markers.


1. Cut out 1 to 2 inch heart shapes from foam paper. Use a permanent marker (we used Sharpies) to write a short message. Write the giver’s name on the opposite side.

2. Poke a pipe cleaner about half an inch through the bottom portion of the foam heart, bend it down, and then give it a small twist to hold.

3. Next, coil the piper cleaner tightly around your pencil. Spread the coils however desired. You might consider letting a few coils bob freely above the tip of the pencil.


Some cute ideas for your Valentine’s Day heart messages:

Pen Pal, Purr Fect, Cutie Pie, Call Me, Ur Kind, All Mine, Ask Me, Wink Wink, Hold Hands, Angel, Sweet Pea, Boogie, Smile, Dream, Sugar Pie, Yum Yum, All Star, #1 Fan, Whiz Kid, Bear Hug…


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