If you’re looking for easy craft ideas for your kids, these whimsical little dragonflies are a blast to make with simple materials. They can be pinned to a cork board, added to a fairy garden, made into magnets, or simply enjoyed as a fun little trinket. Either way, they keep little hands busy when bored at home.

This is an easy spring time craft for elementary age girls who are always looking for projects to do. They can get really creative and use any combination of colors that they’d like! These also make for fun gift ideas for friends and family.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids -- These DIY beaded dragonflies are so simple and fun to make! Great little spring time project for girls that are bored at home. Could be cute little gifts for Mother's day or Easter. Make them into magnets, cork board decor and more.

I created these step-by-step photo tutorials that are hopefully easy to follow. These beaded dragonflies are incredibly easy to make once you have the basics down and you only need a few supplies to make them.

Supplies Needed

  • craft pipe cleaners
  • large pony beads
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue gun (for the eyes)

Easy Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids To Make -- Dragonfly Tutorial. Super fun and easy to make! Great project for girls to make in the spring.

STEP ONE: Cut about 2 inches off of one out of the three pipe cleaners.Pipe Cleaner crafts with tutorials. Fun ideas for kids to make!

STEP TWO: Fold one of the full length pipe cleaners in half and then place all but one bead on like shown in the picture below.DIY Tutorial: How to make pipe cleaner dragonflies!

STEP THREE: Create hoops with your two remaining pipe cleaners and twist the ends to hold them together.

STEP FOUR: Place the smaller hoop around the top of your beaded pipe cleaner and bend it in half so that you have two equal sized wings. Twist each wing to hold it in place. Repeat with the larger hoop just above to create the top wings.Tutorial: How to make easy DIY pipe cleaner dragonflies! Fun to make with colorful beads and craft pipe cleaners.

STEP FIVE: Place your remaining bead on and then roll the double ends of the pipe cleaner down to shape your head. Glue the googly eyes on, and you’re done! Isn’t it adorable? 🙂DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Dragonflies -- Easy craft ideas for kids to make! Perfect for elementary age kids. My girls love this simple project.

Pipe Cleaner Clothes Pin Butterflies

If you like dragonflies, I’m going to assume you also like butterflies, and they are just as easy to make. For this project my daughter and I used the same concept for the wings as we did in the dragonfly craft, only we glued them in-between the handle side of small clothes pins (this way you can still clip them if desired). We then decorated the front of the clothes pins with plastic rhinestones, but you could also use beads, paint or glitter.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Clothes Pin Butterflies -- A fun and easy craft idea for girls to make! A cute project for spring. My kids love making pipe cleaner crafts.

Jenn also made these Beaded Pipe Cleaner Butterflies with step-by-step instructions! They are easy and fun to make with colorful pony beads and pipe cleaners.

DIY Craft Tutorial For Kids | How to make charming little butterflies out of just a few common craft supplies! Pony beads, pipe cleaners, and clothespins.
Beaded Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Tutorial

Do you have any extra pipe cleaners laying around? Your kids will be fascinated with making their own Borax Crystals!

How To Grow Borax Crystals

Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids -- These colorful beaded dragonflies and clothes pin butterflies are so simple and fun to make! Great little spring time craft for girls to make that are bored at home. Could be cute gifts for Mother's day or Easter, too. Make them into magnets, cork board decor or add them to a fairy garden.Easy Pipe Cleaner Craft Ideas For Kids To Make -- Beaded pipe cleaner dragonfly and butterfly craft for girls to make at home when bored. Cute little easy project! So colorful and pretty.DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Dragonfly Craft (a fun and easy project for kids to make!) Are your kids bored? There are so many cool things to make with craft pipe cleaners!


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