Cheap and easy activities for kids to do at home using Painter’s tape!

As mom of a very busy toddler, I am always on the look out for fun and creative activities or crafts to keep my kids entertained, especially during playdates. One of my favorite materials to use for these activities is good ol’ masking tape. You most likely already have it at home, it’s inexpensive, and provides endless possibilities for fun and imagination play.

Are you looking for fun and easy activities and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers? Kids of all ages are going to love these tape ideas! They're cheap to do with items you already have at home... masking or painter's tape! What more could a mom on a budget ask for? These activities are great for learning and fine motor skills. They'll keep your kids busy for hours on rainy days. I especially love these for play dates!

What’s the difference between masking tape and painter’s tape?

They are very similar and can both be used for these activities, but in general, painter’s tape is less likely to leave a sticky residue and is much easier to remove. It also comes in a variety of colors at your local stores such as blue, yellow or green. However, because we live in a world with just about every product imaginable, you can buy easy-to-remove masking tape in every color of the rainbow on Amazon

On to the tape ideas… 😁

When you’re sitting at home trying to keep your toddlers or preschoolers entertained and learning on a budget, here you go! Break out the tape, because you’re about to have a lot of fun with your little munchkins. 

1. Chore Sweep

My toddler loves to be involved when I’m trying to clean the house. As soon as I break out my broom, he’s there trying to take over. I’ve found a simple way to keep him busy using masking tape, pom poms, and a broom. Your children can be entertained and taught to sweep at the same time! If you don’t have pom poms, cotton balls are also a budget friendly choice. Simply instruct them to sweep in-between the lines. 

Chore Sweep | A fun and easy activity for toddlers using painters or masking tape! Let them sweep pom poms into shapes you make on the floor with tape. So easy and fun! Plus, your little ones feel like they are involved with the chores.
You can make several size boxes or circles for your kids to sweep into to make this more challenging. You could even color code them with different tape colors and point values to help them learn their numbers and colors. By the way, the broom he’s using is from this toddler cleaning set.

2. Animal Rescue

This fun and simple idea is not only great for fine motor skills, it is also a creative way for small children to learn their animals and colors at the same time. Tape the animals to a table, floor, or your sliding glass door, and then sit back and watch as they try to release them from their captivity. 

Animal Rescue... a fun and easy learning activity for toddlers! You would be surprised at how much fun little kids can have with something as simple and cheap as painter's tape or masking tape.

Are you looking for fun playdate ideas for your toddlers? Try using masking tape! This cheap and easy idea is great for busy stay at home moms on a budget.
This is a great way to get toddlers to focus for long periods of time. Get creative and tape small toys to walls, windows, cookie sheets, cardboard, or even the floor.

3. Ball Reach 

If you have a ball pit at home, try this unique way of repurposing those balls! Simply tape them to the wall and quiz your kids on their colors. For instance, have them go grab all of the blue balls, and then red, yellow, green, etc. You can find these balls on Amazon, but I’ve also seen them at Walmart and Target. There are endless activities you can do with them, making them totally worth the investment. 

Painter's Tape Ideas for Toddlers | If you're trying to find fun activities for your kids to do at home, these tape ideas are perfect for rainy day playdates! No reason to go shopping, you've probably got some painter's tape laying around in your junk drawer.

4. Masking Tape Roads

Use painter’s tape or colorful masking tape to create roads on the floor all around the house. This will keep your kids busy on rainy days for hours, and to be honest, it was a lot of fun for me to make the roads and obstacles. Try to create challenging spaces for them to try to maneuver and fit their cars, trucks and tractors such as parking spaces, roundabouts, medians, buildings, etc. 

Fun and easy activities to do with tape! Your toddlers and preschoolers are going to love having little roads for their cars, trucks, and tractors to drive on. So cheap and simple! Just use tape to make a fun course for them to drive on.

5. Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course in the hallway or in your living room using masking tape to mark boundaries. Encourage your children to crawl under, jump over, roll, and dodge around the obstacles. This is a great activity for improving coordination and gross motor skills. You’re going to see lots of giggles and smiles along the way!

Are you wondering how to keep your toddlers busy at home? Try tape! There are so many fun activities to try on rainy days. If you're a busy mom with kids that need to be entertained, these masking tape ideas are so simple and cheap to do.

6. Tape Mural

How’s the weather out there? Most of the activities listed above are great for rainy days, but this tape mural is a fun way to get creative and do something outside with the kids when the sun is shining. Using one of the many Amazon boxes you have lying around, create a mural using masking or painter’s tape. Tape up the broken down box to a fence and let your littles use their imagination at becoming the next Picasso. You can also do this on a smaller scale with card stock, small canvases, or even marble painting

DIY Paint Mural for Toddlers | If you have kids at home that can't stay still for a minute, you've got to try these painter's tape ideas! They're perfect for playdates. Masking tape is super cheap and makes for a ton of fun and creative activities for both toddlers and preschoolers.

7. Indoor Hopscotch 

Get your little ones running, jumping and hopping with the classic game of hopscotch! Not only is a fun way to keep them active indoors, it helps with improving their body control, coordination, strength, flexibility, and counting skills. 

Indoor hopscotch using masking tape! A fun and easy way to keep toddlers and preschoolers active inside.
When making your hopscotch squares, consider the size of your child and try to make them age appropriate. 2 year olds can only hop so far!

Masking tape is a versatile and fun material for kids to use for so many activities and projects at home— the possibilities for imaginative play are endless! Whether you’re looking for a way to entertain your children on playdates, or just looking for a fun activity to do at home when your kids are bored, these cheap and easy ideas are sure to provide hours of entertainment for your busy toddlers and preschoolers. 

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Calling all busy and tired moms! Are you looking for fun and easy activities for toddlers at home that are cheap to do? Try masking or painters tape! You can create a ton of learning activities and fun projects for kids. These are perfect for 2 year olds, toddlers and preschoolers. Great for hand and eye coordination as well as fine motor skills, plus you can sit back and just watch as they stay entertained for hours.

Fun and easy activities for kids using painters tape! These cheap ideas are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who always need something to keep them entertained. If you're a stay at home mom who hosts a lot of playdates, these masking tape ideas are for you!Masking tape ideas for toddlers! Do you have bored kids at home? You've got to see all of the fun activities you can create with painter's tape. It's cheap, fun, and so easy for busy moms! The only supplies needed for this simple activity are tape, pom poms, and a small broom. A great way to get small children involved with household chores.


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