Easy and fun color sorting caterpillar sensory bag for toddlers!

Are you looking for an easy activity to keep your busy toddler entertained. Sensory bags are my go to activity for toddlers and preschoolers because they are fun, mess free, and super simple to make. Sensory play is so important for kids. It helps to stimulate and grow their little brains. Plus who doesn’t love squishing, patting, and squeezing bags full of gooey hair gel without getting messy?! This color sorting sensory bag is the perfect way to teach toddlers and preschoolers their colors while they have fun!

Create an easy color sorting sensory bag with just a few supplies you probably already have at home. This cute caterpillar craft idea for kids is fun to make and budget friendly too. All you need is markers, clear hair gel, a Ziplock bag and colorful pom-poms. I love this sensory activity for toddlers because it promotes color matching and fine motor skills. Plus, it’s such a cute little caterpillar craft!

I honestly loved making this Caterpillar Sensory Bag for my toddler. I think I had even more fun playing with it than my kids did. This colorful caterpillar activity is a great way for toddler and preschoolers to learn their colors. It would even be a great calming exercise for kids and adults. Your toddler will love pushing the pom-poms around this sensory bag to the correct colored circle. This color sorting sensory bag took less then 5 minutes to make, and my kids played with it for an hour straight!

Simple and affordable color matching activity for kids

Supplies Needed For This Color Sorting Activity

  1. Large Ziplock Bag
  2. Colorful Sharpies
  3. Clear Hair Gel
  4. 2 Googly Eyes
  5. Colorful Pom-poms
  6. Rubbing Alcohol and Cotton Ball 
  7. Lid or Small Circle

Are you looking for a fun preschool craft that helps to teach kids their colors? Try making a simple caterpillar color sorting sensory bag! With a few cheap supplies you probably already have, you can create a fun and engaging sensory activity that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. I love this mess free activity for my kids, and they love squishing the little pom-poms into the correct circles. This sensory activity is a win for both kids and adults.

How To Make A Caterpillar Sensory Bag

1 If your ziplock bag has a little white label box on it, we need to remove it! The simplest way to do this is to use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and gently rub the label to remove it! It should come off very easily!

Check out this easy sensory play idea for toddlers! Make a caterpillar color sorting sensory bag today using budget friendly materials you probably have at home. This easy homemade craft idea is fun to make for adults and even more fun for kids to play with. Plus, this sensory bag acts as a calming activity for overstimulated kids. It’s great to use during quiet time and when parents need just a minute to rest. Try making this fun caterpillar craft today.

2 Use a small lid or circle, trace 6 circles in the shape of a caterpillar. Each circle should be a different color. I used black for the head of the caterpillar and red, blue, yellow, purple, and green for the body circles!

Simple to make sensory toy for kids. This caterpillar sensory bag is perfect for color matching and fine motor skill practice. Plus, it’s easy to make with cheap supplies. Try taping this sensory bag on your table or window and just let your kids go at it! Your preschoolers will have a blast sorting colors and squishing pom-poms. This is a great fine motor skills activity for toddlers too.

3 Next, draw a couple of simple antennas and add gloogy eyes to the head of your caterpillar. Try using self adhesive googly eyes to make thing easier. If you don’t have sticky googly eyes, you can always glue them on with a bit of craft or Elmers glue.

Here is the best sensory bag for preschool ever! This caterpillar color sorting sensory bag promotes color recognition and fine motor skill. And its super fun for preschoolers. This caterpillar activity would be perfect for the classroom because it cheap to make and mess free fun for kids. Using a few cheap materials including clear hair gel, a Ziplock bag, markers, and color pom-poms you can make this simple and fun color sorting activity for kids.

4 Open the ziplock bag and add colorful pom-poms and about 8 oz of clear hair gel. Remember the color of the pom-poms should match the colors you used to make the circles for your caterpillar. Zip the bag closed making sure to get as much air out as possible.

Your Caterpillar Color Sorting Sensory Bag is now ready to use! Have your kids sort the pom-poms by color by pushing them around the bag into the matching colored circle.

Create your own caterpillar color sorting sensory bag! A fun sensory bag to teach colors and practice fine motor skills. Click the link to get all the details on how to make this easy pom pom sensory bag at home today!

Helpful Tips

  • Always use clear hair gel with this sensory bag activity. The dollar store is a great place to find cheap supplies!
  • If the pom-poms aren’t sliding easily when you push them, add more hair gel to the bag.
  • This activity works best when the bag is taped to a table or wall. Use painters tape to tape all 4 side of the ziplock bag to keep it from sliding all around when your kids are playing. This will also prevent the ziplock from opening accidentally. 
  • This color sorting sensory bag is also fun to tape to a window or glass door at your kids eye level. 

Sensory bags are such a great activity for kids in so many ways. This caterpillar color sorting sensory bag is a fun activity to practice color matching and fine motor skills. With a few simple supplies you may already have at home, you can make a sensory activity that will keep your little ones entertained and learning at the same time.  Check out these other color sorting activities for kids for even more fun ideas!

Looking for an easy sensory play idea for kids? Try making this adorable caterpillar color sorting sensory bag. This sensory toy is perfect for teaching color matching and practicing fine motor skills. Plus, kids love to squish the little pom-poms all over the bag. I love this activity for kids because it is mess free and budget friendly. I mean you probably already have the supplies you need to make this fun caterpillar craft at home!

Check out this simple to make caterpillar craft idea for toddlers and preschoolers! This easy craft combines color sorting, fine motor skills and oh so much fun for kids. This is the perfect mess free indoor activity for rainy days or quiet time. Plus, you probably already have all the supplies and can make this sensory bag in less than 5 minutes. Give it a try today! Are you looking for a simple to make sensory activity for your kids? You have to make this adorable caterpillar color sorting sensory bag. This sensory bag idea is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their colors, but it’s also fun for kids of all ages. Use this sensory activity for babies to increase their fine motor skills while they squish the pom-poms in the bag. Try making this caterpillar craft with your older kids and using it for quiet time or as a calming activity. Heck, I even loved playing with this easy to make sensory bag!


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