If you’re looking for easy craft ideas that won’t cost you any money, start saving all those toilet paper rolls! There are so many fun and creative things to make with them, including this easy paper flower craft. With just a simple sketch and a few clever cut-outs, these flowers come to life with a little bit of vibrant paint.

Gather Your Supplies

  • toilet paper rolls
  • pencil or marker
  • scissors
  • paint

How to make toilet paper roll flowers with scissors and paint! A cheap and easy recycled craft idea for kids. Fun for spring or Easter!


This recycled project is so easy, it’s really self explanatory, but here are a few helpful tips! Don’t be afraid to get creative and make each flower unique with different petal shapes and colors. 

  • Start by flattening a toilet paper roll. This will make it easy to sketch on your flower outlines as well as cut it out with a simple pair of scissors. 
  • Using a pencil or marker, sketch on a flower stem like shown above. You can shape the petals and leaves however you’d like with straight or curvy lines. 
  • While holding the toilet paper roll flat, cut out the empty space of the flower (on both sides of the toilet paper roll at the same time). 
  • Next, paint and decorate the flowers however you’d like! You could even add additional details with supplies you have on hand such as tissue paper, rhinestones, glitter, etc.

Colorful Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft made with recycled materials and paint! A fun spring craft for kids to make at home when bored. My girls loved making these for Easter!

The beauty of these paper flowers is that they stand up on their own, making for a colorful spring time decoration. Not only are they cheap to make with supplies you most likely have at home, this colorful craft is fun and easy enough for kids of all ages to make!

How To Make An Easy Flower Craft with Toilet Paper Rolls! With just a few clever cuts and some colorful paint, kid can make this pretty spring time craft. It won't cost you a dime! Just a few recycled materials and a fun afternoon at home.

Craft Tutorial With Photos: How to make beautiful and colorful spring flowers with recycled toilet paper rolls! A fun and easy spring project for kids to make at home.


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