A Barbie can never have too many purses, especially a fashionista doll that’s always on the run. This purse is large enough to fit her scarf, water bottle, sun glasses, AND iPhone 15. Not only is it practical, but check out the stylish print! Here’s an easy way to make a cute DIY Barbie purse from home.


1. Cut your mini travel size bottle in half (I used a travel size bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion that I got from Walmart). Make sure the bottom half is clean and dry or the tape won’t stick properly.

2. Take the bottom portion of the travel bottle and make a hole punch where you want your purse handles to be.

3. Cover with decorative duct tape. You can find decorative tape rolls at Walmart, Target, and most craft stores. I also found duct tape sheets at Hobby Lobby. The sheets are a little easier to manipulate, measure, and cut. I measured the circumference of the bottle and cut my duct tape a 1/4 of an inch longer to give room for overlap. You will also want it to overlap a little on the top and bottom, and then simply tuck the tape in the rim of the purse, and then under the bottom of the purse.

4. Use your hole punch again to punch through the duct tape where it covered your original holes.

5. Loop and tie your ribbon through the holes to make a strap, and you’re done!


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