Spending time outdoors and away from screens is a great way to promote creativity, imagination and happy kids! Not to mention an easy way to make lasting memories with our children as they grow older.

This summer, I wanted to focus on coming together with the kids and spending more time making memories with fun, creative art. With my oldest going to middle school (WOW! That still sounds CRAZY!), I wanted to find some awesome activities that would be fun for him, my 3-year-old, and even my ten-month-old! Here is a round-up of our top favorites so far. Follow us over at and stay tuned as I keep the list going through the summer!

1. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Take your kids on an archeological journey with Frozen Dinosaur Eggs! This Sensory Play activity combines science and imagination. Freeze small dinosaur toys in water balloons and let your children excavate them using various tools. Watch their eyes light up as they discover hidden treasures in the melting ice. It’s a cold and engaging experience that will make learning exciting!

Your kids are going to love frozen dinosaur eggs! This fun outdoor summer activity is sure to keep them busy for hours! When I came across this activity I planned to do it with my toddler but my almost teen even joined in on the fun and he LOVED IT maybe even more than his little brother! It is so easy to create with just few supplies toy dinosaurs, balloons and any tools the kids can use to help bust the dinosaurs out.
Full Instructions: Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

2. Water Table Hack

Get ready to make a splash! This incredible water table hack will take your toddler’s fun to the next level. By using a cheap electric water pump, enjoy unlimited outdoor water table fun with this fantastic summertime hack. Make this summer epic for your kids (and yourself) by creating a never-ending fountain oasis with just a quick purchase and a few minutes of setup.

Do you want to take your toddlers water table to another level this summer? Look no further! This must try electric water table hack is SO easy and will only take minutes to set up and will create an endless fountain of fun! Your toddler will absolutely love splashing around in the upgrade outdoor water table!
Full Instructions: Water Table Hack

3. Painting with Cars

Rev up the creativity with Painting with Cars! Transform ordinary toy cars into art tools as your kids dip the wheels in paint and race them across paper or canvas. This activity sparks their imagination and introduces them to the concept of creating abstract art through movement. Let their inner speedster shine as they experiment with different colors, patterns, and speeds. It’s an exciting and hands-on adventure that combines play and art. My son absolutely loved this one!

Painting with cars is a fun and easy art activity your kids can do outside. All you need is some paint, paper and toy cars and you are all set. Your kids will absolutely love creating and making their own little master piece.
Full Instructions: Painting with Cars

4. DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Let your Children’s creativity spill onto your driveways with the DIY Sidewalk Chalk. This easy and budget-friendly project allows kids to make their own colorful chalk using simple ingredients. Sit back and watch as their imagination comes to life on the sidewalk canvas. It’s a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play, as well as channel their inner artist.

This summer invite the kids in the neighborhood out and let them paint with this fun and easy sidewalk chalk paint, bringing beautiful color to the driveways and sidewalks in your neighborhood.
Get the Recipe: DIY Chalk Paint

5. DIY Flower Trees

Embrace the beauty of nature with this beautiful craft idea! Using supplies you already have around the house, including those Amazon boxes in the garage, let your children create beautiful DIY flower trees that will inspire them and provide a fun outdoor activity they will love.

Get the kids outside this summer and embrace the beautiful benefits of mother-nature! This recycled art activity is not only a fun and colorful project for the kids! You're able to put those many Amazon boxes you have lying in the garage to good use! (Yay for decluttering!)
Step-by-Step Tutorial: DIY Flower Trees

6. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Unleash your children’s imagination with these Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars. Gather those empty rolls and transform them into colorful paper binoculars. Guide them through cutting, painting, and decorating the rolls, and watch as their creativity takes shape. This recycled craft will spark their artistic abilities and be great for outdoor exploring.

Full Instructions: Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

7. Tape Mural

A colorful outdoor activity that lets your kids showcase their artistic talents. Encourage your little artists to let their imaginations run wild as they create their masterpieces on this tape mural canvas. They can use the tape as boundaries or shapes to create unique designs and patterns. Using washable paint, masking tape, and one of the many Amazon boxes you have lying around. This fun and interactive craft allows your little ones to become the next Picasso.

More Clever Masking Tape Ideas!

8. Water Gun Painting

Grab your water guns, fill them with paint, and let your children embark on a colorful adventure that will bring laughter and imagination to your outdoor space blasting their creativity and creating unique works of art. Water gun painting will be your kids new favorite art activity!

Painting with water guns is an exciting action-packed art project your children will love! Great for all ages!
Full Tutorial: Water Gun Painting

Need some delicious and healthy snacks to go with your summer activities? Try these Chunky Monkey Banana Bites!

Unplug your kids and get outside this summer and ignite their creativity with these exciting, action-packed activities for making it a fun, colorful and unforgettable summer!

Discover new and exciting ways to keep your kids off screens this summer and embrace outdoor creativity while sparking the wonderful world of imitation! Your kids are going to love these fun and beautiful activities!Are you looking for cheap and easy outdoor summer activities? Look no further your kids will love using their creativity and imagination with the fantastic outside activities!Let's encourage our kids to stay off screens this summer and get outside! I've rounded up a list of my favorite outdoor activities for kids. These are all ideas that my kids have requested to do over and over again, and they keep them busy for hours while sparking creativity and imagination. It's not easy taking kids away from their beloved television or iPhone screens, but with these fun and easy outdoor crafts, art activities, and cold sensory play, they'll be happy to get off the couch!


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