This adorable Valentine’s Day craft makes the perfect Valentine cards for classmates, friends, and family. Free printable valentines included! Make these melted crayon hearts today. 

Are you looking for an easy way to upgrade your kid’s class valentine cards this year? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used the store bought boxes of valentines more times than I can count but this year I was feeling crafty. Plus I found a cheap heart shaped silicone mold at Walmart so I thought what the heck, let’s make some DIY Valentine’s Day Cards. Using some cheap supplies including old crayons, a heart shaped mold, and a printer you can make the cutest melted crayon heart valentine’s day cards ever. 
Check out this simple way to recycle crayons into fun heart shapes. These melted crayon hearts are the perfect valentine's day craft. Free printable valentines day cards including.

These melted crayon hearts are a great alternative to candy valentines, which I know all teachers appreciate. So grab your bag of broken crayons (we all have them in the back of a drawer somewhere) and let’s make Melted Crayon Hearts this Valentine’s Day. 

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Easy Tip to Remove Crayon Wrappers

Ok, before we get started, let me tell you I almost gave up on this project. After about 5 minutes of peeling the paper off of our crayons, I quickly turned to Pinterest for any sort of crayon paper peeling hack. I wish knew this simple hack to remove crayon paper before I got started for the sake of my finger nails and my sanity.
Here is a simple mom hack that will save you hours of work! Easily remove the crayon papers by soaking in warm water for 5 minutes. The crayon wrappers will fall off easily and you will have more time to make melted crayon hearts with your kids!

So here’s a tip to save you the headache! Make sure to soak your crayons in some warm water for about 5 minutes before attempting to peel the paper off. The warmer the water the better. After the crayons soak for a few minutes, the paper should peel right off! 

How To Make Melted Crayon Hearts

1. Peel paper off of crayons and break or cut them into small pieces. 

2. Fill a heart shaped silicone mold with the broken crayons. Here’s where you can get creative with your color combinations. I just mixed all of the crayons together but you can sort your crayons into various color combos for each melted heart if desired. 

3. Bake the crayons in the heart shaped mold at 250°F for 10-15 minutes or until the crayons are fully melted. 

4. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes before popping the crayon hearts out of the mold. 
Check out this simple method for making melted crayon hearts. This easy craft idea for kids is perfect for Valentine's Day. These are also a great non-sweet treat to give to kids for Valentine's Day. Melted crayon art project for the win!

The Cutest Valentine’s Day Cards Ever

Now that you’ve made these fun melted crayon hearts, it’s time to make Valentine’s Day cards. Kids love coloring with the heart shaped crayons and I love that this is the perfect alternative to candy valentines. Grab the free printable Valentine’s Day cards here! Print and cut out the desired number of Valentines. Then, simply use a small dot a hot glue to attach the crayon heart to the card. 
Melted crayon hearts are so fun to make with cheap supplies and just a few minutes of your time. Plus this Valentine's Day craft is the perfect way to recycle old and broken crayons. Use the free printable valentines to make fun and budget friendly valentines day cards for your kids today!

I bought these clear self sealing cellophane bags to put our melted crayon heart valentines in. Just incase the crayon hearts pop off of the valentine, the bag keeps everything together!( 4×6 inch bags are the perfect fit for these free printable valentines day cards!)

Your kids will love these melted crayon hearts! Give this tutorial a try and let us know what you think below 👇🏻

Check out this easy Valentine's Day craft idea for kids using old crayons and a heart shaped silicone mold. These melted crayon heart are so simple to make and kids love coloring with these fun shaped crayons. Here are also some free Valentine's Day card printables that are perfect for school parties. Melted crayon hearts are the perfect crayon art project for kids. Here's a great way to make DIY Valentine's Day cards that include no sugar! We all know how much candy kids get on valentine's day. Switch it up this year and give out fun melted crayon hearts that every kid will love! This project is a great way to reuse all the old and broken crayons you're holding on to! Check out this fun and simple valentines craft idea for kids. All you need for this budget friendly project is a heart shaped silicone mold and some broken crayons. Make sure to scroll through for a time savings hack that every parent needs to know! These melted crayon hearts are the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day cards for kids. Plus they are so easy to make you'll wonder why you haven't made this recycled craft sooner. Dip into your creativity and make these homemade melted crayon heart valentines today!


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