Bring your next summer art project outside!

This fun and easy DIY activity will be sure to create lasting memories for your family. So, let’s put away those screens and dive into a world of colorful creativity.

Have your kids tried painting with water guns yet? If not, let it be your next outdoor art project, transforming your backyard into an art studio.  My boys were so excited to get it started and had hours of backyard fun! Make beautiful art and hang it up in the house, or make a fun game by creating targets for them to shoot.

At first, I used non-toxic liquid watercolor paint. It was easy to use, and the colors turned out great. Then I went to clean it up… Apparently, my brain was not working properly that day because I forgot to make sure it was washable paint! AHHH!!! I now have a colorful stained patio and sidewalk. MOM LIFE!

So when prepping this fun art activity, save yourself by using non-toxic WASHABLE paint. To be extra safe, prep what you can in the grass, away from the sidewalks.

Are you searching for an exciting summer art activity that will captivate your kids' imagination? Look no further! Water gun painting - a easy DIY craft that guarantees a fun filled experience with fun bright colorful washable paint.

Supplies Needed

  • Water Guns/Pistols 
  • Washable Paint
  • Canvas/sturdy watercolor paper

Are you looking for a fun and easy color art activity? Water gun painting is cheap and easy filled with action packed fun. Your kids will sure to to love!

If you can, prep everything ahead of time so that those cute, excited little hands don’t get in the way. I like to have the mixture prepared with the plastic guns filled so that when the kids come out to play, they can get right to the fun.

Looking for a fun art project that will also improve your preschoolers' and toddlers' motor skills? Water gun painting the perfect art activity to get your little engaged and get those put those skills to work!

How To Make Art With Water Guns

Step One

Mix washable, non-toxic paint and water using a 50/50 ratio. Once you have a good liquid consistency, fill up your water guns.

Step Two

We set up an easel in the grass and taped watercolor paper to it. You can tape the paper to a fence if you don’t have an easel, just be sure to cover the fence well if you don’t want to possibly stain it. 

Step Three

Embrace the mess letting the kids unleash their inner artist, creating beautiful art and memories. You’ll get a different effect depending on how close or far away you stand. Experiment and have fun!

Water gun painting is a cheap and easy fun art activity your kids are going to want to do again and again! Embrace the mess and enjoy watching excitement in their sweet little faces!

Water gun painting is a fantastic outdoor summer art idea that is great for all ages! My 12-year-old and my 2-year-old had a blast. This art technique also improves fine motor skills for toddlers, so it was perfect for youngest son who will be starting preschool in the fall.

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This super fun art project is the perfect outdoor summer activity your kids are going to love!Kids will absolutely love engaging in water gun painting activity aiming their water guns, creating colorful splatters and vibrant artwork.If your bored kids are watching too much TV or playing too many video games at home this summer, I guarantee water gun painting is an easy way to get them outside in the backyard to get some sunshine! My preschoolers couldn't get enough of it.


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