Are you looking for an entertaining and creative activity to engage your little ones this fall? Look no further!

Let the kids enjoy this inexpensive beaded corn craft using pipe cleaners and pony beads. This simple and enjoyable project will keep your kids entertained while adding a touch of autumn charm to your home or classroom.

Let the creativity flow! Feel free to encourage your kids to explore other colors and patterns. They can make different sizes of corn cobs or even create unique designs by mixing in other bead shapes and colors. This craft allows for endless possibilities, making it even more enjoyable for children of all ages. Both my 3 and 12-year-old had so much fun doing this craft together!

Need some fall decor ideas? Let your kids help you out by creating beaded corn. This cheap and easy craft activity is so easy using pipe cleaner and pony beads. You and your kids will love this craft!

Supply List

Your kids are going to love this seasonal fun beaded corn craft! Super cheap and easy to make and great for building those fine motor skills making it a win win art activity for everyone!

Step 1

Using 8 pipe cleaners, twist the ends together to create a corn husk bundle. Feel free to experiment with different lengths for variety by cutting the pipe cleaners.

Beaded corn craft with pipe cleaners and pony beads is an exciting and enjoyable activity for kids. It combines the colorful beauty of autumn colors and crafts making perfect little decorations for the hoilday!

Step 2

Now, it’s time to add the beads. Show your kids how to slide the pony beads on, alternating colors for a fun fall colorful corn kernel. Be sure to leave a small space at the top (about 20 beads is good).

Looking for inexpensive and super easy craft to do with the kids this fall? Gather pipe cleaners and pony beads and get your craft one making these adorable colorful beaded corn to help decorate your home or class room this fall!

Step 3

Once beads are in place, twist the top part of the pipe cleaner to secure the beads and prevent them from falling off.

Let the fall festivities begin with beaded corn craft using just two supplies pipe cleaners and pony beads! Perfect for a cheap and easy crafts for kids at home or in school.

Engaging in this beaded corn craft is not only a great way to celebrate fall, but it also provides valuable benefits for your child’s development. Threading the pony beads onto the pipe cleaners is excellent for hand-eye coordination and promotes fine motor skills as they manipulate the beads and pipe cleaners, building strength in their sweet little fingers!

Looking for a fun art activity to keep your toddler busy? Look no further! Your kids will love making beaded corn. This craft will not only keep them entertain but it is also great for build those fine motor skills! Did I mention they make for great fall decor?

Beyond the craft itself, this activity encourages problem-solving and patience. Watching my 3-year-old so focused on this activity was the sweetest thing. The satisfaction of completing a beaded corn cob had him beaming with pride. So, gather your supplies, set the stage for creativity, and infuse your home with the warmth of handmade autumn decor.

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Your kids will love making these fun colorful beaded corn using pipe cleaners and pony beads. Making the perfect cheap and easy craft.

Beaded corn crafts with pipe cleaners and pony beads is a fun and educational fall activity for kids. Let your kids explore creativity and fine motor skills this fall!


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