How to transform simple household items into an awesome train set! An ideal craft for preschoolers and even older kids who love to create cool things at home when bored. Start saving paper rolls and a variety of plastic bottle caps, and you’ve got a cheap project to make with your kids on a rainy day that won’t cost you a dime.

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Craft: How to make a train set with recycled materials from your home!

Supplies Needed

  • toilet paper roll tubes
  • variety of paint colors
  • foam brush
  • plastic bottle caps (a mixture of sizes and colors)
  • hot glue gun

How To Make A Train Set Out Of Toilet Paper Rolls

Step 1Use a small foam brush to paint the tubes in various colors. Once finished, set aside to dry for 10-15 minutes or until dry to the touch. 

Craft made with recycled toilet paper rolls, colorful paint, and plastic bottle caps!

Step 2Use a hot glue gun to creatively adhere the plastic bottle caps to your painted rolls. The steam engine will have a headlight and smokestack which can be made by stacking various sized caps on top of each other. To attach the headlight, I first cut a cardboard circle out of one of the toilet paper rolls and hot glued it to the front of the roll.Colorful toy trains made with recycled paper rolls! An easy homemade craft for kids of all ages. My preschoolers had a blast making these with me.

The box cars and the caboose don’t need as many details, just the wheels and any other optional bottle caps for the top. It looks cool to make each one unique! From a bold red engine to playful blue cabooses and green box cars.

DIY Craft Idea For Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Trains made with a variety of paint colors and plastic bottle caps.

Helpful Tips

  • To connect the engine and box cars together, you could use a hole punch on the paper tube ends and join them using yarn, crafting a train your kids can ride throughout the house. 
  • You could even make a train track on the floor with painters tape! This easy craft is also a fun toy to play with once finished. 
  • Add details to your train cars with any other recycled materials you have lying around. Maybe even draw on some graffiti with markers (just kidding). 🙂

Fun toilet paper roll craft for kids made with cheap recycled materials from home including plastic bottle caps! Step by step tutorial on how to make a cardboard train set.

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How to make an awesome toy train set for kids with recycled toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles caps! A cheap craft idea using simple supplies you already have at home. This craft idea is perfect for preschoolers and even older kids who love to make projects at home.

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Are you looking for easy craft activities for your preschooler? You've got to make this cute little train set out of recycled toilet paper rolls! My 3 year boy had a blast making it with me, and ended up playing with it for days, pushing it all around the house. Choo choo! This easy toilet paper roll craft was a hit with my 2 year old! We made a train set complete with the steam engine and box cars with recycled materials we already had at home. We painted each one in bright and fun colors. A great project for toddlers and preschoolers. And it won't cost mom a dime. DIY Train Craft made with cheap supplies! Toilet paper rolls and plastic bottle caps. My boys had a blast making this recycled train set with me, and then they had a new toy to play with once finished! We still have it lined up on a shelf in the playroom.


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