A fun and easy color transfer art project that kids will love!

Check out these bright and beautiful tissue paper painted butterflies using just a few cheap craft supplies! I love this fun spring craft idea for kids and adults of all ages. Grab some bleeding tissue paper, this FREE butterfly printable, and a spray bottle to make the best butterfly craft ever!

My daughter loves butterflies so I knew painting butterflies with tissue paper would be a hit. And boy was I right. This craft is fun, engaging, and comes out great every time. Keep scrolling to see how to paint with tissue paper!

Check out this fun art project for kids using tissue paper to paint paper butterflies. This color transfer art project is easy and engaging for kids of all ages. The perfect spring or summer craft idea to preschoolers too.

Materials Needed

Are you looking for a fun butterfly craft for kids? Try making painted butterflies with tissue paper. With special craft tissue paper you can use water to transfer the colors to a white sheet of paper. Painting with tissue paper is so fun for kids.

How To Make Tissue Paper Butterflies

Start by printing our free butterfly template on card stock. Choose 4-6 different tissue paper colors and cut or tear into small pieces.
how to make the best tissue paper painted butterfly craft using just a few cheap supplies. This easy part project is perfect for summer time. a great way for busy parents to keep kids entertained!
Using a spray bottle, lightly spray the butterfly with water. Then completely cover the butterfly wings with tissue paper. Spray the top of the tissue paper with water once more when the wings are fully covered. Let sit for about 10 minutes. This is when the tissue paper color transfer magic happens!
Art project with tissue paper color transfer. Paint with tissue paper to make an easy and fun craft for kids.
After 10 minutes, peel off the tissue paper and let the butterfly dry completely before cutting out.

How pretty is this paper butterfly painted with tissue paper? Using bleeding tissue paper and a spray bottle, kids can paint with tissue paper. What a fun craft for spring and summer!

I love this craft because every tissue paper painted butterfly is completely unique. Your kids can choose their favorite colors, make a pattern, or try to copy colors from a real butterfly! This is a fun art project for school, homeschool, and even Sunday school classes because it’s so cheap and easy to make.

Check out the gorgeous color transfer buttery art project. Grab the free butterfly outline printable today and make tissue paper painted butterflies with your kids!

Do I Have To Use Bleeding Tissue Paper?

The short answer is YES! Check out the picture below. I used normal gift tissue paper on the left and bleeding tissue paper on the right to paint my butterflies. As you can see the regular tissue paper leaves very faint coloring. So if you’re looking for bright and vibrant painted butterflies, using bleeding craft tissue paper is a must!
How to use bleeding craft tissue paper to paint butterflies. easy art project for young kids.

This easy art project for kids is perfect for spring and summer. Kids can enjoy making a fun paper butterfly craft, then head outside to watch real butterflies! Such a great way to get kids interested in nature and the best craft to go along with a study on metamorphosis. Make sure to grab your free copy of the butterfly outline here!
Looking for a fun and simple butterfly craft for kids? You must try these painted butterflies using craft tissue paper. A fun and cheap craft idea for kids. Make these at home or at school for the best butterfly art project ever!

Don’t forget to save and pin this butterfly craft for later! 

Are you looking for a fun craft idea for kids? Tissue paper butterflies are perfect for kids of all ages. This easy color transfer art project is cheap, simple to make, and really pretty! Use bleeding tissue paper to make a unique paper butterfly craft today.
This is the best butterfly craft ever. Using bleeding tissue paper, kids can paint paper butterflies! just spray the tissue paper and watch how the color transfers to the butterfly outline. What a cool science experiment and art project all if one!
Tissue paper painting for kids is such a fun art project idea. This easy painting experiment teaches kids about color transfer. Make realistic looking paper butterflies the next time your class is studying metamorphosis! Easy butterfly craft for kids.


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