This easy craft project is not only cheap to make with common materials you probably already have at home, these darling bunnies are super fun for young kids to play with or use as a playful decoration. You could tack them onto a cork board, rest them on a shelf, or add them to your spring time holiday decor.

Cheap and recycled bunny craft for kids using colorful yarn and cardboard. An easy and cute project to make at home for spring, Easter, or anytime you want to make something adorable!

Supplies Needed

  • cardboard
  • colorful yarn
  • markers
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • glue

Supplies need to make cardboard yarn bunnies including a box, yarn, and markers to draw the cute little faces.

How To Make This Easy Bunny Craft

Step 1Use a pencil to draw the bunny head, dress, ears, legs, and arms onto a piece of cardboard. You can make them as big or as little as you’d like! Next, use a sharp pair of scissors to carefully cut them out like shown below.

cardboard cut-outs to make an adorable bunny craft with step by step instructions.
For the bunny head, it’s helpful to use something round for tracing such as a small lid or cup. You could also use a ruler to help with the little bunny dress.

Step 2Use your scissors to cut small notches on both sides of the cardboard dress. This will make it easier to wrap the yarn around and help keep it in place.

Step 3Starting at the top, begin wrapping the yarn around the notched cardboard dress. Leave a small empty gap at the top and bottom of the dress so that you can glue the head and legs on later. Once finished, cut the excess yarn and tuck the end underneath to secure it (try to do that in the back of the dress where it won’t be as noticeable).

Easy yarn craft for beginners using cardboard to make a bunny project.

Step 4Use markers to draw on a cute little bunny face. You can also decorate the ears if you’d like for added interest. I chose polka dots! 🙂cute bunny face and ears for making a kids craft.

Step 5Use craft glue or hot glue to attach the head, ears, legs, and arms onto the yarn wrapped dress. Your bunny is complete! If you’d like to really dress her up, you could also add rhinestones, glitter, little flowers, or even a fluffy cotton ball tail.Cute craft idea for kids! Try making these adorable bunnies out of cheap recycled materials including cardboard, yarn, and markers. Super fun for children of all ages. They are fun to play with as well as decorate your home during spring or Easter.

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t have any cardboard? You better order some more stuff on Amazon! Just kidding. You could also use an empty cereal box. Just keep in mind that the back of your bunnies might have Cocoa Puffs all over them. You could also use cardstock or a poster board if you have them on hand.
  • These bunnies would look lovely adorning a gift bag or box. You could also glue them onto cardstock to make a charming spring card for Easter, Mother’s Day, or a surprise Teacher’s gift.
  • Try making a variety of bunnies with different colored yarn dresses, especially if you’re using them as holiday decor. They look adorable on a tiered tray, bookshelf, corkboard, or even hopping around on a house plant.
  • Kids love playing with these so if you have young children, I definitely recommend a cotton ball tail so that they look extra cute from both sides.

This is such a charming spring time craft for kids of all ages! Heck, even adults who like fun homemade projects would enjoy making these. Preschoolers will probably need help with the cutting, but the rest is just simple decorating.

Easy and inexpensive spring time bunny craft made with cardboard and yarn. A full step by step tutorial with photos included! Such a fun and simple project for kids to make at home when bored.


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