The Silliest Breakfast Or Snack You’ll Ever Make!

Are you looking for a healthy and cheap breakfast idea for your kids? Silly Animal Toast will get just about any kid excited for breakfast time. With a few simple ingredients you probably already have like bread, Nutella/nut butter/cream cheese, and sliced fruit you can make a truly fun and delicious breakfast for kids. I mean who doesn’t want to eat a puppy or bunny for breakfast! I love that silly animal toast is easy to make with simple and healthy ingredients.

Quick and easy snack ideas for kids, toddlers, teens and crazy adults like myself! If you’re looking for super easy and fun snack ideas, these creative and cheap recipes are perfect for kids of all ages. I've found that most kids are picky eaters, but if you make their food exciting, they'll eat even healthy foods! You just have to get a bit creative in how it's prepared. This silly animal toast is perfect for snacking or even for breakfast, plus I almost always have the ingredients on hand.

Try these cute animal faces on pancakes, waffles, and oatmeal too!

How To Make Silly Animal Toast

To make silly animal toast, simply spread your favorite nut butter, Nutella, or cream cheese on a piece of toast and use fruit slices to make funny faces. My kids love bananas, blueberries, and strawberries which are all perfect for making eyes and ears of your animal faces. Apple slices also make great mouths!

The cutest breakfast and snack you'll ever make with just toast, fruit and a delicious spread like peanut butter, cream cheese or Nutella. Toddlers and kids love this super fun and creative food idea! This adorable animal toast is also rather healthy and cheap to make with simple ingredients that you probably already have at home.

Try involving your kids in this fun breakfast recipe. Kids love putting together this easy and creative food idea themselves! And I always say, if kids help make the food, they are more likely to actually eat it! I can think of 2 kids in particular (mine) that can’t wait for breakfast when they know we’re having silly animal toast.

Quick and easy breakfast idea for kids and adults! If you’re looking for a simple way to get your kids excited for breakfast time silly face animal toast is perfect! With just a few simple ingredients you probably already have at home, you can create your kid’s favorite animals for breakfast time. I love this simple breakfast idea because its yummy, full of nutrition, and kids simply love it! Silly animal toast also makes a great after school snack!

Looking For A More Savory Breakfast?

Try using scrambled eggs in place of the peanut butter or Nutella. I mean look at this adorable little chick on toast. This silly animal toast is almost too cute to eat… almost! I know that some people just don’t like sweet treats in the morning, so using scrambled eggs is the prefect way to still create this silly breakfast recipe and also have a yummy protein filled start to the day.

Looking for a healthy breakfast idea that is low in sugar? Try silly animal toast! This recipe uses unsweetened nut butters and natural fruits to make the cutest breakfast for kids ever! You can even use scrambles eggs and cut up veggies for a super hearty breakfast idea that everyone will love. Picky eaters love this recipe idea because it’s so exciting. This recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snacks and you almost always have all the ingredients on hand.

You could even make a puppy dog face with scrambled eggs as the face, avocado slices for the ears and tomatoes for the eyes. I might have to try this simple breakfast idea today because my stomach is growling just writing this post!

Looking for more? Try these Apple Slice Cookies! My kids love these and they’re secretly healthy!

Try Silly Toast For Lunchtime Too!

Silly animal toast isn’t just for breakfast! Try using lunch meat, veggies, cheese, hummus and even avocado toast make fun and delicious lunch sandwiches for your kids. I always have trouble getting my kids to eat sandwiches for lunch, which is so hard for me to understand because sandwiches are the BEST! Why not make lunch goofy with this fun toast idea!

Looking for a quick and easy lunch idea for kids (and adults)! Silly animal toast is the perfect way to get kids excited to eat their lunch. Use ingredients like lunch meat, veggies, cheese, and a spread like hummus or cream cheese to make silly faced food for kids. I even like to use spiral pasta to make goofy hair. My kids always go nuts when I make silly animal toast for lunch. Give it a try today.

You can even get creative and use a tortilla or a piece of naan as your base instead of toast!  Spread naan with hummus and top with sliced cucumbers and olives to make a cute bear. I mean YUMMMMM! 🤤 The ideas really are endless. 

Are you looking for a cheap and healthy meal idea for your family? Try making silly animal toast. This easy recipe is so versatile that you can make it for breakfast, lunch, or even as a fun after school snack for kids. Most kids tend to be picky eaters, but if the food is exciting, they’ll eat just about anything. Let your kids help you make this fun meal and they’ll be so excited to eat it.

Silly Animal Toast

Are you looking for an easy way to bring excitement back to breakfast time? Try making your kid's favorite animals on a piece of toast. I know it sounds complicated but this breakfast recipe is actually really simple. All you need is a spread like peanut butter, Nutella, or cream cheese and some sliced fruit. That's it! There are so many fun combinations of animal faces you can make for a healthy and cheap breakfast for kids.
Prep Time5 minutes
Servings: 2


  • 2 slices Bread toasted to your preference
  • 2 tbsp Your favorite spread like peanut butter, Nutella, or cream cheese
  • Sliced fruit like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and apples
  • Nuts, raisin, seeds, and coconut


  • Toast your bread to the desired browness
  • Spread a layer of your favorite nut butter, Nutella, or cream cheese on the toast
  • Decorate the toast with sliced fruit to resemble your favorite animal
  • Eat, enjoy and make more!


  • Have your kids help you make their favorite animal toast for a fun activity in the kitchen.
  • Substitute any type of nut butter for the peanut butter including almond, cashew, sunflower butter etc. 
  • You can make this a simple lunch recipe by using lunchmeat, cheese, and sliced veggies to make the silly animal faces.
  • If your kids don't like the crunchiness of toast, this breakfast recipe can be made on un-toasted bread as well!

asy breakfast idea using just toast, your favorite spread, and slices of fruit. Kids go nuts over this simple breakfast recipe and to be honest adults love it too. Start by spreading peanut butter, cream cheese, or Nutella on a piece of toast. Then decorate the toast to look like your kids’ favorite animals with slices of different fruits. That’s it! Such a fun and healthy snack idea as well.
Silly animal toast is an exciting and healthy way to serve breakfast to your family. Who doesn’t want to eat their favorite animals for breakfast?? With simple ingredients you already have at home, you make an easy and healthy recipe that your entire family will love! For breakfast, use your favorite nut butters and fruit and for lunch, use lunch meats, hummus, and veggies slices to make goofy animal face toast! The ideas are endless and so is the fun. Try this for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack recipe today.Are you looking for the perfect breakfast recipe, that is easy, cheap, and healthy? Well I’ve got you! Silly animal toast is the perfect breakfast recipe using ingredients you probably already have like toast, peanut butter, Nutella, cream cheese, and sliced fruit. But the fun doesn’t end at breakfast. This recipe is so versatile, you can also make it for lunch using veggies, hummus, and lunch meat. How cool is that! It’s not often that a recipe can be tweaked for both breakfast and lunch! My picky eaters always love when I make silly animal toast no matter what time of day it is! And adults secretly love this fun recipe too!


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