Easy DIY Barbie Couch

I think it’s about time Barbie got a couch worthy of sitting on. Don’t you? Kind of like this super fashionable, plush, pink Barbie sofa! Because of the quality in the design and fabulous fabric , she thinks that this Barbie furniture came from a fancy department store, but it was really made out of an old tissue box and receiving blanket (Shhhh). If you would like to upgrade your Barbie’s couch from drab to dreamy, just follow these easy steps below. Have fun!

Easy DIY Barbie Couch

Materials Needed: 

An empty tissue box (9 x 4.5 inches), a ruler, a pen (a sharpie or ball point pen works best), scissors, masking tape, fabric glue, 2 Rubber Bands, 8 Cotton balls, and thick fabric (anything furry or fuzzy is best).


1. Use your ruler and pen to measure two matching 3-inch squares on both ends of the box. Next, draw lines across the long sides of the box, like shown (these will just work as a guide later in folding the box).

2. Cut out the 3-inch squares that you outlined on both ends of the box.

3. In order to create the couch shape, push in the edge of the box, as show below.

4. Use masking tape to secure the open seams.

5. Hold the L shaped side of the box on top of the back of your fabric and cut to fit, leaving plenty of room to trim to size later. After using fabric glue to secure, trim the fabric to fit the L shape at both ends of the couch.

6. One section at a time, glue a 9 by 19 inch piece of your fabric to the rest of your tissue box, starting at the bottom so that your seam is hidden. If it’s too long, simply trim to size.

7. Don’t forget about the couch’s arms – no sewing required!  Cut out two 4 x 6 inch pieces of fabric and roll them into 6 inch long tubes (with the good side of the fabric on the inside). Secure one end with a rubber band and then turn it inside out, as shown. Fill the tubes with 4 cotton balls and trim off any excess material if needed. Use the fabric glue to hold the seam together, and to also secure it to the couch, seam side down.

8. Voila! Now your Barbies can sit in style.

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Barbie Couch Tutorial

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