Are you ready to take your indoor playtime to the next level? Look no further than these AWESOME DIY Pom Pom Shooters!

Using cheap and simple materials that you probably already have at home like pom poms, plastic cups, or toilet paper rolls, you can create a lot of indoor entertainment for the kids when they are bored at home.

Pom pom shooters are an excellent tool for hands-on learning. While having fun, kids can learn concepts like counting, colors, and hand-eye coordination. Your kids will have a blast launching pom poms into the air and competing in shooting games.

Pom pom shooters add an exciting twist to playtime, offering endless entertainment for kids and the young at heart. Whether you're playing indoors on a rainy day or enjoying a sunny afternoon outside, pom pom shooters bring a burst of fun for everyone to enjoy.

Materials You’ll Need: 

  • Plastic Cups or Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Pom Poms
  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • Scrapbook paper/ Construction paper

Step By Step Instructions

1. Prepare Your Base

If you’re using plastic cups, cut the bottom off.
If you’re using toilet paper rolls, leave them as they are.

Pom pom shooters aren't just for play; they're also a fantastic canvas for artistic expression. Crafting your own shooter can be a rewarding DIY project that combines creativity and functionality. Decorate the shooters with colorful designs, paint, or stickers, turning them into unique art pieces. Encouraging your kids to personalize their shooters and learn about design concepts in the process.

2. Get Crafty

Let your kids get creative as they create their own fun and colorful shooter. Using construction paper, duct tape, washi tape, stickers, paint, etc. We had some colorful pattern paper, so we wrapped it around the toilet paper roll and used orange duct tape to hold it in place.

One of the most appealing aspects of pom pom shooters is their affordability. The materials needed for crafting shooters – such as plastic cups, balloons, and pom poms – are readily available and budget-friendly. You can find these items in most households, making it a convenient and inexpensive craft. Moreover, the simplicity of the materials means that crafting a pom pom shooter is accessible to people of all ages, making it a wonderful family activity that won't strain your wallet.

3. Attach The Balloon

Start by stretching the balloon to make it more elastic; this will increase the power of your shooter. Cut off the neck of the balloon. Knot the balloon. For plastic cups, stretch it over the bottom of the cup. For toilet paper rolls, stretch it over one end of the roll.

Pom pom shooters can also be eco-friendly when you incorporate materials into the crafting process. Using items like discarded plastic cups or repurposed cardboard toilet paper rolls as the shooter's base. By turning everyday items into a source of fun and creativity!

4. Secure the Balloon

Tape it in place. We used duct tape again for taping it holds a lot stronger than masking tape

In a world often dominated by screens and electronic devices, pom pom shooters offer a refreshing alternative that promotes physical activity and social interaction. Whether you're engaging in target practice, setting up obstacle courses, or participating in friendly competitions, these shooters encourage active play that stimulates both the mind and body.

5. Load and Shoot!

Have your littles load a few pom poms into the open end.
Have them pull back on the balloon to create tension, then release to send the pom poms flying!

Pom pom shooters combine elements of fun, creative artistry, affordability, eco-friendliness, educational value, and wholesome entertainment. They serve as a wonderful example of how simple materials can be transformed into hours of enjoyment and learning, making them a beloved addition to the world of arts, crafts, and imaginative play.

I love finding a fun craft that serves a dual purpose. Pom pom shooters are both a creative craft and a source of endless playtime fun. My Preschool had an absolute blast with the activity – not only sorting and selecting his favorite color pom poms but also having fun shooting them all around the house…We had him scattered everywhere; it was all part of the fun and games.

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So, why wait? Grab some pom poms, plastic cups, or toilet paper rolls, and get ready for a blast of creativity and entertainment with your very own DIY pom pom shooters. They’re an easy and affordable way to have loads of fun while learning and exploring the world of physics. Let your kid’s imagination run wild and start shooting those pom poms.



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