The Perfect Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Searching for an easy Christmas craft idea for kids- here is a fast prep Christmas tree art project that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. This contact paper Christmas craft makes great homemade decorations and you can even turn it into a sun catcher!

Are you looking for a fun and simple Christmas craft – this contact paper Christmas tree craft is so easy for preschoolers. They will love creating a Christmas tree all on their own and decorating the house with it! What a great art project for kids.

Why Did I Choose This Christmas Art Project?

It was the day after Thanksgiving and our family has a great tradition of staying in our PJs all day. A full day of laziness sounds amazing but it’s not always practical when you have 2 kids to entertain. So I was surveying my arts and craft supplies trying to come up with a lazy Christmas craft and came across tissue paper, clear contact paper, Christmas stickers and a few other things that I knew I could whip up into an easy Christmas craft for kids.

Easy and fun Christmas tree craft using art supplies you already have around your house. Kids will have hours of fun with this simple and cheap art project.


  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Tissue paper – shades of green and some red for a pop of Christmas color
  • Brown Construction paper – for the tree trunk
  • Gift Wrap Bows in various sizes – as our tree topper
  • Masking Tape – to tape the contact paper to your walls or table with NO damage

Optional Supplies

  • Christmas Stickers
  • Red, Green, and White Pom-poms
  • Cotton Balls

Construction paper crafts for kids. Easy and simply to set up holiday craft that your toddler will love.

How to Set Up the Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Step 1

Cut your tissue paper into small pieces. There is no need to be precise, you can even tear the tissue paper if you don’t feel like cutting it! I started by cutting the tissue paper into strips, then stacking the strips and cutting each stack into smaller square/rectangle pieces. I used one sheet of dark green, light green and red tissue paper and it was plenty to cover 3 large trees with leftovers.

The best tissue paper Christmas tree craft for toddlers. This cheap and easy craft is perfect for little hand and can also make a great holiday gift. What a great classroom gift idea for teachers.

Step 2

Unwrap any stickers, cotton balls or pom-poms you’re planning to use. I found it easiest to split my supplies into 2 different containers so each kid would have their own craft bin. Always looking for ways to eliminate sibling battles before it arises!! Fill your bins will all the stickers, pom-poms, cotton balls, tissue paper, gift bows etc.

Easy Christmas craft idea for kindergarteners. Perfect art project for kids of all ages. Simply and cheap to set up.

Step 3

Cut contact paper into triangles. This can be a bit tricky. Decide how tall you want your contact paper Christmas tree and cut along the lines on the back of the contact paper. Next fold your cut paper in half long ways (hotdog style if you remember from school!) with the back of the contact paper facing outward. Make a diagonal line from the outside bottom corner of your folded paper to the center fold at the top. I like to use a ruler or yard stick depending on the length of my paper. Cut along this line. Now you have a triangle. This is your contact paper Christmas tree!

Use a ruler or a yard stick to help cut out the perfect triangle that can be used to make this Contact paper Christmas tree craft for kids. The art project is a great way to keep kids busy during holiday gatherings or while you’re cooking dinner!

Step 4

Next cut a tree trunk out of brown construction paper. I just eye-balled this. Make a rectangle large enough that it looks proportional with your contact paper triangle.

Searching for an easy Christmas craft idea for kids- here is a fast prep Christmas tree art project that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. This contact paper Christmas craft makes great homemade decorations and you can even turn it into a sun catcher!

Step 5

Now it’s time to tape your Christmas tree craft to the wall. You can also tape it to a table or window if you don’t want tape on your walls. I used masking tape and there was NO damage to my walls! I would suggest NOT taping anything to a freshly painted wall! Use your best judgement.

Here is a budget friendly, easy Christmas Tree art project that your kids will love. Stained glass tissue paper Christmas Trees and presents are the perfect homemade decorations or gifts from your kids.

I found it easiest to peel about an inch of the backing off the top of the triangle and tape it to the wall before pulling the rest of the backing off. This prevented the contact paper from rolling onto itself. Make sure the sticky side of the contact paper is facing out – away from the wall. It’s also a great time to make sure you like the placement of your craft. The good thing about masking tape is it super easy to remove and retape to anything WITHOUT DAMAGE!

Tape all the edges of the triangle to the wall or table. I used green masking tape to make it extra festive! Place the brown tree trunks at the bottom of your triangle. They will stick to the contact paper.

How to make an easy and fast Christmas Tree craft for toddlers using sticky contact paper, tape, and tissue paper.

Step 6

Time to play! This Christmas tree craft is easy and fun for kids of all ages. My toddler and 1st grader both loved it! I gave a one sentence instruction “Cover the Christmas tree with anything you like from your craft bin”. That’s it. This is an amazing craft for imagination. Try not to hover but instead sit back and watch how much fun your kids are having!

Looking for a fun way to entertain your kids during Christmas – This simple holiday tree tissue paper craft is easy to set up and bring load of fun and happiness to kids of all ages.

Have left over supplies? Scroll to the bottom of the post to find out what to do with them!

What Should You Do With These Fabulous Christmas Tree Crafts?

  • Use as Christmas decorations around your house!
  • You can cover the front side of your Christmas tree with another sheet of contact paper to “seal” in all the decorations. This way you can save this sweet Christmas craft for years to come.
  • Place on a window to make a super pretty sun catcher (see next section for more details)

How fun is this Christmas tree contact paper craft for kids! This cheap and simple craft is perfect to bust boredom this holiday season. Simply cut triangles out of contact paper and tear tissue paper into small pieces and you have a Christmas craft that your kids will love.

What To Do With The Left Over Christmas Craft Supplies

Create mini versions of these cute Christmas tree crafts and hang in the window as sun catchers. I had a bunch of contact paper scraps from cutting out the bigger trees. I cut a few squares, rectangles, and a smaller triangle out of the scrapes and created “presents” for the kids to decorate. We hung these on the windows, and they were very pretty Christmas sun catchers.

Contact paper crafts are simple to set up and endless fun for kids of all ages. Make easy Christmas decorations using contact paper and tissue paper. Your kids will love it!

The best thing about this Christmas tree contact paper craft is that toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids have a blast creating fun Christmas decorations and you get a few minutes of quiet time! My 6-year-old has been asking all week when we can do more tree and present crafts. He can’t get enough. This is also a great time to talk about why we celebrate Christmas. Have an open dialog with your kids while they decorate this tree by asking what they think Christmas is all about. Their answers might surprise you!

Christmas tree suncatchers are the perfect craft for toddlers. This contact paper Christmas craft is easy and fun and teaches your kids how to use their imaginations.

🌟Helpful Tips🌟

  • There are so many projects that can be created with clear contact paper! Always keep some on hand.
  • The Dollar Store is a great place to find holiday stickers, bows, gift wrap etc. for CHEAP! No reason to overspend on fun Christmas crafts when you can get everything you need for under $10 at the dollar store.
  • If you don’t have any Gift Wrap Bows, use stars cut out of yellow construction paper for the top of your Christmas Tree craft.
  • I found an 8 pack of rainbow masking tape on Amazon for $7. This Contact Paper Christmas Tree Craft only uses a little tape so there is plenty left over for future projects.
  • Self-Seal laminating sheets are a great alternative to contact paper if you are looking to make smaller Christmas tree crafts!

Merry Christmas!

Are you looking for a fun and easy Christmas craft for your kids- this Contact paper Christmas tree art project is sure to bring a smile to your kids faces. This cheap Christmas craft is perfect for toddler and preschoolers.


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