If you have preschoolers at home, then I’m assuming you know how much energy a 3 year old can have. A lot. No, A TON!! There’s not a second that goes by that I don’t hear “Mom, I’m Bored”. Although it’s easy to just turn some cartoons on for a little peace and quiet, I prefer to keep my kids busy with fun activities that stimulate their imagination.

My only requirement is that they are cheap and super easy to make with supplies that I can find at home. Too much to ask? I’m not about to drive to Hobby Lobby or Walmart! No time for that. This boredom buster fits all of the criteria! An easy homemade ball toss game made with paper plates, masking tape, and some optional paint.

How to make a ball toss game with cheap supplies! Paper plates and masking tape. A fun and easy game to play indoor on a rainy day for preschoolers and toddlers.

Supplies Needed

  • paper plates (I used 7)
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • paint 
  • paint brush
  • lightweight plastic balls (I used the balls from our ball pit)

Supplies needed with step by step tutorial on how to make a fun and easy ball toss game for kids. An inexpensive indoor activity to play at home when bored! Just perfect for a rainy day inside.

Step 1If you have toddlers or preschoolers who haven’t yet perfected the art of scissors, they are probably going to need some help creating the targets for this game. You’re simply going to cut out the centers of your paper plates, leaving the outer rim intact.

Next, let your kids paint them in fun and vibrant colors. This step is totally optional, but why not get a craft AND activity all wrapped up into one project!? The bright colors also make this indoor game more exciting.

Are you looking for paper plate craft ideas? You've got to try this easy indoor ball toss game!

Step 2Find an area in your home where you have two walls that are approximately 5 to 7 feet apart. Place four long strips of masking tape all the way across, leaving about 7 inches of space in-between each one. Make sure the sticky side of the tape is on the side where you want your targets to be. 

Fun masking tape idea! Break out your tape and a few paper plates for this thrilling indoor activity for kids. My preschooler played with this for hours, and he had fun painting the plates in vibrant colors. A craft and activity all wrapped up in one project!
Keep your child’s size and height in mind when deciding how high to place the tape.

Step 3Attach your painted paper plates to the sticky side of the tape and your game is ready! Seriously, that’s it! Just a few minutes to prepare and now your kids can go wild with fun challenges and active indoor play. DIY Ball Toss Target Practice Game For Kids | Stuck at home on a rainy day with bored kids to entertain? You've probably already got the supplies needed to make this cheap and easy project! Paper plates, masking tape, and paint.

Helpful Tips

  • To secure the tape to your walls for long hours of play, attach extra tape over the top of the masking tape (running in the opposite direction) to keep it from falling. 
  • My 3 year old had fun trying to throw the balls into the matching color targets. It gave him the motivation to aim at various spots!
  • Try placing a point value onto each paper plate target, giving your little ones even more of a challenge. As an example, you could play like you do with the game of darts, with a starting point value, and the player that gets to zero without going over wins. 
  • You could also use the same concept with the paper plates except, instead of a ball toss, place them on the floor for a bean bag toss challenge! 
  • If you like this easy indoor activity, check out this List of Masking Tape Activities For Kids! This colorful tape has become my new favorite craft supply for rainy days. 😅

This game isn’t just entertaining, it greatly improves hand-eye coordination. My son struggled to get the ball into the targets at first, but after about 10 minutes of play, his confidence was through the roof as he was able to easily make the shots. I think I see some baseball in his future!

Don’t forget to pin and save this fun indoor activity for later!

How to make a fun and exciting ball toss game for kids to play indoors! This simple activity is easy to make with cheap supplies including paper plates, masking tape, and some optional paint to make it colorful. Great for bored preschoolers on a rainy day at home!

Easy masking tape and paper plate craft to make a fun indoor activity for kids to play. A ball toss challenge! How to make a fun indoor game for kids with cheap supplies you have at home! Masking tape and paper plates. This creative activity keeps them busy at home when bored on rainy days. Let them shoot for the targets with ball pit plastic balls!

Here’s another fun indoor activity using the same plastic balls along with a few muffin tins!

Ball Patterns

This simple learning activity for preschoolers is a fun way to keep your kids entertained while also enjoying a little bit of quiet time.


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