creative breakfast ideas for kids

Creative Breakfast Ideas

It can be a challenge to get your kids to eat a healthy breakfast. Cereal or donuts seem to be the popular choice simply because that's what they'll eat without a fuss. But what if you can make it fun with funny and creative breakfast ideas! Bill and Claire Wurtzel have been creating funny breakfast food for for … [Read More...]

Hair Bow Hairstyle Instructions

Hair Bow Hairstyle

Lady Gaga may have given the hair bow hairstyle an eccentric reputation, but with the right technique and placement, you can make a cute and sophisticated hair bow that any girl would love! Whether you go big or small, the key to a classy hair bow is keeping it low on the head as opposed to perched right on top. It's … [Read More...]

toilet paper roll crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Turning trash into treasure: We all use toilet paper, well, most of us anyway. Don't let those rolls go to waste! There are so many fun projects to do with them. It's recycling at it's best. … [Read More...]

party food ideas for kids

10 Fun Birthday Party Snack Ideas

Kids love yummy snacks, and these creatively cute birthday party snack ideas will really make your party a hit. Yes, you will immediately become the COOLEST mom and dad, ever - only one step down from a super hero. So break out the apron and let the party begin. … [Read More...]

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unique ideas for wrapping paper

17 Unique Wrapping Paper Ideas

I love these unique designs by Swedish designers, Happy F&B. I figure you could also do this with large stickers. Buy an assortment of facial features at your local craft store and use them to give your gifts a little personality!

Cowgirl Boot Tights Brown

Cowgirl Boot Tights

Baby cowgirl boot tights are the most adorable kid's accessory! Let your little cowgirl kick up her heels in these one-of-a-kind infant cowgirl boot tights from Bootzies. In size 6-18 months, these tights have white legs with an intricate cowboy boot design and grips on

Cupcake Nail Ideas

Cupcake Nails

A cupcake nail design is a sweet and sassy addition to any girl's wardrobe! Simply choose your base color and use a dotting tool to create the icing, sprinkles, and cherry on top. Opting for just one nail to add cupcake details to (such as your ring finger) is a little


toilet paper roll crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Turning trash into treasure: We all use toilet paper, well, most of us anyway. Don't let those rolls go to waste! There are so many fun projects to do with them. It's recycling at it's best.

diy paper ballerina snowflakes

Paper Ballerina Snowflakes

I'm in love with these paper ballerina snowflakes! Maybe it's because I have a girl who would adore these hanging in her bedroom. It's also the perfect time of year for these snowflake ballerinas to hang from the Christmas tree. These DIY ballerina snowflakes are a

headband holder diy

DIY Headband Organizer

What a creative yet cheap way to turn a container that will probably end up in the trash into something useful--a cute headband organizer. Cover it in fabric, and voila! Keep the lid to store other hair accessories such as hair bows and clips. You could also glue it


crescent roll appetizers

Cool Crescent Roll Recipes

That cute little Pilsbury Doughboy has got it made! Crescent rolls are one of the easiest and yummiest comfort foods on the planet. There are hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of ways to prepare them. They just make a meal so much better!

teddy bear cookies recipe

Teddy Bear Cookies

These teddy bear cookies are just too easy to pass up! Bonus: Vanilla & chocolate in one. Simply use a rolling pin over wax paper to flatten your dough, and use a round cookie cutter in 2 sizes (small & large) for your teddy bear head, nose and ears. Connect the ears and nose by […]

Cute Christmas breakfast ideas

Easy Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Pancakes! Kids love them, and mom and dad love how quick and easy they are to make. I’ve been doing a little bit of experimenting lately, creating cool pancakes for just about every occasion. I was inspired by this squeeze bottle idea, and have been hooked ever since. Doughnuts and fruit are also easy to […]

Bacon Salad Cups

Bacon Cups

These bacon cups are the most exciting food idea I’ve seen in a long time. Because bacon is the yummiest thing on the planet, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be using it as an edible serving dish. This genius idea is from Megan over at Not Martha. Check it out! She used an upside […]

grilled bacon banana peanut butter sandwich

Grilled Peanut Butter Banana Bacon Sandwich

Yep, that’s right. A grilled peanut butter banana bacon sandwich. If you don’t think this is a good idea, then you haven’t tried it. It’s got a little bit of creamy, crunchy and crazy all mixed into one awesome sandwich. Even better; butter the outside of your bread, sprinkle with a little cinnamon and sugar, […]

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