10 Fun Birthday Party Snack Ideas


Creative Birthday Party Treats

Kids love yummy snacks, and these creatively cute birthday party food ideas will really make your party a hit! Yes, you will immediately become the COOLEST mom and dad, ever. Only one step down from a super hero. Let’s break out the apron and get the party begin!

The cutest birthday snack ideas for kids!

1. Coney Snack Mix

Are you looking for easy kid’s birthday food? A snack mix in one of their favorite dessert containers couldn’t get any easier! Just throw together some Teddy Grahams, pretzels, animal crackers, M&M’s, yogurt covered raisins, and anything else your kiddos love to munch on and throw the mix into colorful ice cream cones.

party food ideas for kids
Source: Betty Crocker

2. Teddy Bear Race Cars

These are adorable! This candy snack is especially fitting for a boy’s birthday party or any car themed party. These are simple to make with Teddy Grahams, Milky Way bars, chocolate melts, and M&M’s. Simply use the melted chocolate as glue!

fun party food for kids birthday

3. Worms In Dirt

Worms in dirt..er…. gummy worms in mashed Oreos – even better! This party snack idea might be best for an outdoor garden party, as it might get a little messy, but the kid’s will love it! Place small bowls or paper cups by the “dirt” plate so they can scoop up their own little share of awesomeness.

creative food ideas for parties
Source: Hostess With The Mostess

4. Shark Attack

With some clever carving, watermelons can make for fun and practical serving dishes. I especially like the shark idea filled with gummy fish. You can also opt to use the hollowed out watermelon to fill it back up. The blue Jell-O as the ocean water really tops it off. This would be quite the conversation starter at the dessert table!

creative birthday party food

5. Apple Smiles

This is a simple but fun party food idea that you could literally bite your teeth into. All you will need are mini marshmallows, apples, and peanut butter! Use the peanut butter as glue to hold the “teeth” in place. I’d also recommend a little lemon juice on the apples to keep them from browning.

funny kids birthday party snacks

6. Fish Bowl Jello

Gummy fish swimming in Gelatin? Super cool! I like the fish bowl idea used as a table centerpiece and individual clear plastic cups for actual serving. This would be great for any summer party.

fun food for kids birthday party
Source: Martha Stewart

7. Rice Krispie’s Paint Brushes

Rice Krispie’s treats have always been one of my favorite gooey desserts, but putting them on a stick and dipping them in chocolate melts is just plain genius! They would be a hit at any type of party, but would suit a paint theme especially well.

snack ideas for a kids birthday party

kids party food ideas

8. Marshmallow Fun Pops

Dip them, dunk them, coat them, eat them! The cutest finger food, ever. You can get creative with all sorts of fun candy coatings and toppings, and even make them to match your theme.

snacks for a kids party ideas
Source: Coupon Clipping Cook

9. Caterpillar Grape Kabobs

A healthy party snack your kids will actually eat! These adorable fruit skewers are made with bamboo sticks, mini chocolate chips, and frosting to hold the chips in place. Easy!

snack food for kids birthday party
Source: My Pinteresting Life

10. Banana Split Bites

You can’t see the ice-cream, but it’s tucked away inside of the banana. You can also dip the chocolate in peanuts, coconut, or anything else that your heart desires. Keep some napkins handy! They’re messy but so worth it.

kids birthday snack ideas cheap
Source: Bakers Royale

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