A boat for Barbie is the only thing missing at bath time, unless you happen to have a couple of bottles and duct tape laying around! This luxury boat seats up to two, has ample leg room, and is designed with quality in mind (sort of). Here is an easy DIY boat project for your Barbies:


1. Take the wrappers off of your plastic bottles and use a Sharpie to draw 2×4″ rectangles on each bottle. The cut-outs should be just large enough for your Barbie to fit snuggly so that they can sit up without falling out.

2. Use a utility knife (parents only!) and/or scissors to cut out your boat openings. A utility knife makes it easier to get your cut started, but sharp scissors will work, too.

3. Tape the bottles together with your openings facing up. Also, tape the potentially sharp edges where you made your cut-outs.

4. Now, get your Barbies and take them for a spin in their new awesome Barbie boat.

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DIY Barbie Bottle Boat


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