Fun Turkey Coloring Sheets and More!

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you’re like me you’re trying to plan fun activities to keep your kids entertained while they’re out of school. Grand crafts and projects are great but sometimes it’s nice to have some simple coloring time!

These Thanksgiving coloring printables are a great way to keep your little ones entertained during family gatherings or while you need to cook that turkey! Either way their little hands will be busy creating something spectacular that they can share with the whole family! Click on the image below to download these amazing coloring sheets!

Are you looking for a fun and easy activity for Thanksgiving- these Thanksgiving coloring sheets are a fast and simple activity to keep kids busy during family gatherings or while you cook! These coloring pages are free PDF printables
Click image to download all 12 Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets for Kids

Are you looking for a fun Thanksgiving activity for your kids- try these Thanksgiving coloring sheets!!

Supplies Needed for Thanksgiving Coloring Fun

  • Printer
  • White Printer Paper
  • Ultra Clean Washable Crayons for toddlers
  • Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils for older kids. (You could even use paint to make these free Thanksgiving coloring pages a masterpiece)
  • Optional: Scissors, safety scissors for toddlers, glue stick, or stapler if you’re planning to use these coloring pages in a project or to create a whole Turkey Coloring Book!
  • These adorable coloring pages for kids CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD

What’s better than FREE Thanksgiving activities for your kids. These Turkey Coloring Pages for Toddlers are a perfect way to keep little hands busy while you’re preparing thanksgiving dinner. All you need is a printer, paper, and crayons and your kids will have fun coloring for hours.

Simple Coloring Pages for Toddlers

Here are a few simple Thanksgiving coloring printables that are great for toddlers. These free coloring sheets have all the fun elements of Thanksgiving- Turkeys, Fall Leaves, Acorns, Pie, Scarecrows and more!

What's more fun on Thanksgiving then a waving Turkey?! Your kids will love to color Tom the Turkey. This simple coloring sheet is perfect for toddlers. Older kids will have a blast adding their own drawings next to the turkey to make it a true masterpiece!
Click Image to Download
Turkey, fall leaves and acorns Oh My! This Thanksgiving coloring sheet has all the elements of fall but is simple enough for toddlers. This free coloring PDF is a perfect activity for kids on Thanksgiving Day that they can share with the whole family.
Click Image to Download

While your toddler is coloring these adorable coloring sheets, point to the different elements on the page and see if your toddler can name them. It’s OK if they can’t! Now it’s your turn to point to things on the page and tell your toddler the name. You just turned coloring time into an amazing learning opportunity for your toddler!

Give Thanks for all the cute pictures on this Turkey Coloring Page. This is a fun and simple activity for kids that is mess free. Simply set up a table with crayons, markers, colored pencils and maybe some stickers and watch your child’s imagination grow! Such a fun fall craft for kids.
Click Image to Download
This darling Turkey Coloring picture is a free printable that is perfect for holiday parties at school. I like to have extra coloring pages on hand in case we need an extra craft during holiday parties at school or at home. These Thanksgiving coloring sheets are the perfect activity for kids during the holidays.
Click Image to Download

Click HERE to download the Thanksgiving coloring sheets for toddlers in a nice and convenient PDF or if you like a particular coloring sheet, click on the picture to download each one.

Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets for Older Kids

Do you have a kindergartener who loves to color? Or a 2nd grader who is really starting to get creative with their markers? These FREE coloring sheet print-outs are perfect for the kids that love a little more detail and challenge in their coloring. My son just loved coloring the “Gobble ‘Til You Wobble” sheet. He thought that was absolutely hilarious. Now he walks around the house wobbling his legs and gobbling like a turkey. Oh the joys of having a little boy!

Pumpkin Pie is one of my favorite deserts especially on Thanksgiving Day. Tom the Turkey is enjoying some fresh pumpkin pie in this cute coloring sheet for kids. What a fun and simple activity for all ages during a holiday gathering. These coloring pages also make great homemade presents for your guests.
Click Image to Download
This Pilgrim coloring PDF is free and perfect for preschool kids. Share with any teachers you know so they can enjoy some quiet time in the classroom. Kids absolutely love coloring sheets and teachers love free teaching supplies.
Click Image to Download
Easy and fun turkey coloring page for kids. Free to download and print. Perfect thanksgiving activity for all ages.
Click Image to Download

Use these coloring sheets as homemade decorations or try sharing them with your guests!

This Free Thanksgiving coloring book is perfect for toddler. Your kids will have a blast coloring all the fun turkey coloring pages and everything is free! Download the free Thanksgiving coloring book PDF today.
Click Image to Download
Scarecrow coloring sheets are the perfect fall activity for kids. This coloring page is free to download and will entertain your kids. Use these coloring sheets for kids at holiday parties to keep everyone happy and quiet. The perfect kids activity while you’re cooking thanksgiving dinner.
Click Image to Download
Are you looking for a free Thanksgiving activity for your kids? This Thanksgiving dinner coloring sheet is perfect to keep little hands entertained. Download all 12 thanksgiving coloring pages for kids and watch your children’s imagination grow!
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This is also the perfect opportunity to explain to your kids why we celebrate Thanksgiving and why we should be thankful for the blessings in our life. Click HERE to download the Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids in a nice and convenient PDF or if you like a particular coloring sheet, click on the picture to download each one to your computer and print.

Count Your Blessings- Interactive Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to talk with our kids about how blessed we are. Research has shown that kids who show and receive gratitude are happier! What better way to start then with these fun “I am Thankful” coloring pages.  Your kids will love decorating these coloring sheets and listing the things they are thankful for. Wouldn’t it be fun to share these before you dig into that delicious turkey?!

What better time to count our blessings than thanksgiving. Have your kids write what they are thankful for then coloring the turkey!
Click Image to Download
Have your kids list what they are thankful for and coloring the picture for a fun activity
Click Image to Download

When I ask my kids what they are thankful for I always get the BEST answers. Through out the years some of my favorite answers have been macaroni and cheese, the dog, and the garbage men. I mean who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese. Your kids might surprise you with their answers too! Click HERE to download the above “I Am Thankful For” coloring sheets or you can click on each picture and download individually and print.

How to Use the Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids

Step 1: Now it’s time to get coloring. Print one or all of the Turkey and Thanksgiving coloring sheets (They’re FREE so grab them all!!). Click HERE to download all 12 coloring pages!

Step 2: Set up a nice coloring area with crayons, colored pencils, markers, and even paints, glue, and glitter if you’re feeling EXTRA 😜 (make sure to set up your coloring area in a place you can keep your eye on things. The last thing we need as we’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner is some crayon drawings on the walls!)

Thanksgiving coloring pages are an easy way to entertain your kids during family gatherings. Here are 12 FREE printables that your kids will love to color. From turkeys, to scarecrows, to pilgrims these coloring sheets will keep everyone entertained while you host Thanksgiving dinner.

Step 3: Let your kids get creative. Don’t hover, this is your time to get things done! When they have finished coloring a page, “Oooo and Ahhh” over their amazing coloring. You can even use this opportunity to inquire why they chose to color the turkey blue or the scarecrow pink. The answers might surprise you and give a little insight into the amazing imaginations of our kids!

Step 4: Use these FREE Thanksgiving coloring pages as decorations, create a coloring book by stapling the edges together, use as a placemat, or give as a Thanksgiving gift to your guests. Who doesn’t love a hand drawn picture from a sweet 4 year old!

Easy and fun Thanksgiving Day activity for kids that is free. Simply download and print all 12 Thanksgiving color pages and set up a little coloring station for your kids. They will have a ton of fun coloring all the different thanksgiving scenes and you will keep them out of the kitchen while you cook!

🌟Helpful Hints🌟

  • How to download: Click on the individual picture you like and you will be able to download and print from your computer. If you would like all 10 FREE Thanksgiving coloring printables plus 2 count your blessing pages click HERE.
  • Take these amazing turkey coloring sheets to restaurants to keep kids entertained while everyone enjoys a nice meal. It’s also a great way to keep little ones off your phone while you’re out and about. Help your kids shut down the tablets and turn on their imaginations!
  • Let younger kids and toddlers color outside the lines. Their little brains are learning and creating even if their picture appears to be a scribbled mess to us!

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Fun and free thanksgiving printable PDF for kids coloring book. These are the perfect addition to any school party or family holiday gathering. Watch as your kids imaginations run wild. Share with the whole family.


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