A fun and relatively mess-free indoor activity for kids using marbles and paint!

Kids love to paint, and it seems like it’s always such a messy activity. So, when my kids asked to paint last weekend, I started to think about mess free painting activities that are perfect for kids. Enter the DIY Marble Painting! Your kids will love painting with marbles and you’ll love that this activity is easy to clean up and keeps kids entertained!

Are you looking for a fun indoor activity for your kids – try Marble Painting! This fun and easy to set up activity uses marbles to paint beautiful pictures. My kids had the best time creating these works of art. See how I made this marble painting activity more challenging for older kids. Full tutorial available on KidsKubby!

Marble Crafts for Kids

What is it about marbles that are so fascinating to kids? I’ve watched my son play with marbles by simply rolling them on the floor for an hour. So, I knew that this marble painting craft for kids would be perfect! This marble craft is so easy your toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast.

DIY marble painting is a fun and simple activity for toddlers. Looking for a mess free way for your toddlers to paint indoors – this marble craft is perfect. All you need is a tray, paper, a few marbles and your favorite washable paint and you’ll be able to set up a simple and engaging craft for your kids in minutes. My kids loved using different colors and number of marbles to create variations in their paintings. Try this today!


  • Aluminum tray
  • Cardstock paper (regular computer paper or construction paper will work as well)
  • Marbles
  • Tempera Paint (for easy cleanup!)
  • Tape (I used masking tape)

Looking for a fun marble craft idea – try Marble Painting from KidsKubby. This craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who love to paint but are a bit too messy. This painting craft contains the mess but still allows your kids to create beautiful artwork. Once dry, your DIY marble paintings can be displayed on the refrigerator or given as a gift to loved ones! Grandma is going to love getting a marble painting from your kids!

Keep scrolling for a Tape Resist painting craft using marbles!

How to Set Up This Simple Marble Painting Activity

1. Cut paper to fit inside your tray. Put a small piece of tape on the bottom side of your paper to hold it in place and put the paper in your aluminum tray. Add some paint either on the sides of the paper or directly on top. I like to put my paint on the sides so that the marbles do all the painting!

2. Next place your marbles in your tray. I’ve found it best to put 1 marble in each paint spot so that the marble is already covered in paint when it starts to roll.

Tape resist marble painting is the best indoor painting activity for kids. Let your kids express their imagination by creating pictures out of tape. Then use marbles and paint to cover the picture with fun colors. Finally peel the tape and reveal the hidden image. How fun is this?! Your preschooler is going to have a blast creating this Marble painting craft. Try this today!

3. Now have your kids rolls the tray back and forth until the paper is covered in a beautiful marble painting. And that’s all! This marble craft is super simple to set up and clean up. Have your kids experiment with different paint colors and see what happens when the marbles mix the colors together. Also have your kids paint with different amounts of marbles to see how that changes the painting. Don’t tell your kids but you just created a fun learning activity!

The best tape resist art project for kids – Painting with marbles is fun and engaging for toddlers and preschoolers. This painting craft is perfect for kids to create new and exciting works of art, while keeping the paint mess contained. My toddler loved rolling the marbles around the tray and my older kids had a blast making designs with tape then watching the paint cover the page. The best part was revealing the secret image after the paint was dry. Follow KidsKubby for more fun for kids!

4. Place your finished marble artwork on a clean surface to dry. I used butcher paper but foil or a granite counter top works too! Once completely dry, these beautiful works of art are ready to hang!

This DIY marble painting craft was a hit with my kids. They had a blast picking the paint colors and rolling the marbles around their tray. My son even asked if we could paint with marbles again the next day. That’s how I can tell this painting craft was a hit. I even made this craft a bit more engaging by adding a tape resist section to our painting with marbles. You must try this fun and simple marble craft today!

Tape Resist Marble Painting

Now, this simple marble painting activity kept my toddler entertained but I felt like we needed to kick it up a notch for my older kids. So, we decided to combine tape resist art and painting with marbles for a fun craft that’s perfect for kids!

Tape Resist Marble Painting - What’s better than marbles to your kids? How about tape and paint. I combined 3 of my kids’ favorite things to create this amazing marble painting craft! This DIY painting activity is perfect for toddlers and young kids. All you need is paint, marbles, tape and a tray and your kids will be able to create super fun works of art. Try marble painting today!

Set up is the same as the instructions above. The only thing you’ll do differently is use masking or painters tape to create shapes, pictures, or designs on your paper BEFORE you start painting. Make sure to cover the entire paper with marble painting so when you pull the tape off later, the shape/design is clearly visible!

Have you ever heard of tape resist crafts? Tape resist is a fun way to say that kids use tape to cover a paper with different designs, then they paint over the tape. Once the paint is dry, peel away the tape to reveal the image. Fun, right?!? Now if you combine marble painting and tape resist you’re sure to have a fun activity on your hands. See the full tutorial on KidsKubby. I promise your kids are going to love this DIY Marble Tape Resist Craft!

Once the Tape Resist marble paintings are completely dry, gently peel the tape away and VOILA you have the perfect Tape Resist Art for Kids!

Looking for a fun DIY indoor activity for kids this winter – Try marble painting. This is the perfect craft for toddlers who love to paint. All you need is a few simple supplies, and your kids are going to be able to create a beautiful painting with little to no mess! How great is that?! Painting with marbles is easy to set up and clean up only take seconds. See what happens when we add tape to this kid’s craft. Find out all the details on

Helpful Tips When Painting With Marbles

  • I used a 9×11 inch tray for this project and cut an 8.5×11 piece of paper in half. This size paper fit perfectly in the tray.
  • I like to use Tempera paint for easy cleanup incase a marble or 2 escape, but any craft paint will work for this painting project.
  • It helps to tape your paper to the tray so it doesn’t slide around as you tilt the tray.
  • Always have a tray for each child! This way you can avoid any unnecessary quarrels between siblings.
  • Marble painting is a perfect preschool classroom craft! Think of the fun your class will have making marble art!
  • If your paint is on the thicker side, thin it with a couple of drops of water to make it easier for the marbles to roll through it.

Tape resist painting is so fun but what is it? The basic how-to is to tape a design on a paper to create a negative space then paint all over the paper. Once the paint is dry, peel away and see the design. Tape resist activities are a great way for kids to express their imaginations. Here you’ll find a fun and engaging activity for kids using marble painting and tape resist to create a truly fun activity for kids. Try Tape resist marble painting today!

🎨 Happy Painting 🎨

Are you looking for a fun classroom painting activity for your preschoolers? Try Marble Painting! This painting activity for kids is great because it’s relatively mess free and it keeps young kids engaged in the activity for a long time. All you need is a few simple dollar store supplies, and your preschoolers will be able to make beautiful paintings using just marbles. Try this marble painting craft today!


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