Simple eco-friendly outdoor activity for kids using oranges, peanut butter, and bird seed!

As the weather starts to warm up a bit, it’s nice to see birds returning to my back yard. Now is the perfect time to make a little outdoor craft with eco-friendly materials that’s simple for kids! This DIY Bird Feeder craft for kids is not only fun but also incredibly easy to make with only 4 ingredients! I really love this sustainable craft for kids!

Are you looking for a fun and exciting outdoor activity for kids – try making DIY bird feeders out of oranges. With only 4 ingredients you can make eco-friendly bird feeders that are both beautiful and good for the environment (and our bird friends)! My kids had a blast making this bird feeder craft. It was so simple and fun. My kids loved watching the birds come and enjoy a nice treat. Try this today!


  • Large Oranges – each orange will make 2 DIY bird feeders
  • Peanut Butter – I used a natural no sugar added peanut butter
  • Bird Seed – Any kind you prefer
  • Twine or Thin Rope

Trying to find a sustainable craft for your kids to enjoy – try this eco-friendly bird feeder activity for kids. With oranges, peanut butter, and bird seed you can make beautiful and compostable bird feeders with your kids. This is a great outdoor activity for springtime. Enjoy the sunshine and nature after a long winter and bring some new bird friends to your back yard. Your kids will love seeing all the different birds that stop by for a yummy treat.

Try This Peanut Butter Trick For Your Orange Bird Feeder Craft

If you buy all natural peanut butter, you’ve noticed how the oil separates and makes a HUGE mess when you try to stir it. I found this ingenious hack from on how to mix your natural peanut butter without getting mad or making a mess!

This DIY bird feeder craft is perfect for toddlers! Simply scoop out the center of an orange and fill with peanut butter and birdseed and you have a fun and interactive outdoor activity for your kids. This would also make a great school project for preschoolers. Send this pin to a teacher today!
Try storing your peanut butter upside down. This allows the oils to move to the bottom of the container where the peanut butter tends to be dryer. When you’re ready to use it, pop the peanut butter container in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes and stir with ease! Find the full tutorial here!

I love finding sustainable crafts for kids! What other eco-friendly crafts have you tried? Drop a comment at the bottom of this post!

How to Make An Eco-Friendly DIY Bird Feeder Out Of Oranges

Step 1. Cut an orange in half and scoop out the inside fruit. You only need the orange peel for this amazing and fun bird feeder craft! Make sure you are gentle when you are scooping. You don’t want to put any holes in your orange peel.

Fun and cheap interactive bird craft for kids using oranges, bird seed and peanut butter. Have a nut allergy? Try using suet or omitting the peanut butter all together. Your kids will still be able to create an eco-friendly bird feeder! My kids loved watching all the birds coming in for a treat. We even made this a learning opportunity by learning the names of all the birds who visited our yard. Easy bird feeder craft + quality time with your kids = priceless!

Step 2. Use a knife or a skewer to poke 2 holes in the orange peel. Make sure your holes are directly across from each other and about an inch down from the top of the orange.

Looking for fun outdoor crafts for kids this spring – try making Eco-Friendly bird feeders out of oranges! Start by scooping out the inside of an orange and filling with bird seed. BUT WAIT don’t waste the inside of the orange. Check out my ideas for ways to use every part of the orange for this craft. Try this DIY bird feeder activity with your kids today!

Step 3.. Cut your twine into 12-18 inch pieces. Gently poke the end of the twine through the hole created in the orange in step 2 and make a knot on the outside of the orange so that the twine stays in place when you hang your DIY bird feeder craft. Repeat with the other side of your twine in the remaining hole on the opposite side of your orange. Your oranges should look like this!

Are you looking for ways to have fun with your kids outdoors this spring? Give this DIY bird feeder tutorial a try. This cheap and easy eco-friendly bird feeder was a hit with my kids and gave us a great excuse to spend more time outside this spring. This is also a great winter outdoor activity to bring some color and life to your yard in the cold months. Give this sustainable kids craft a try and COMMENT BELOW!

Step 4. In a separate bowl combine 1 cup of bird seed with a hearty tablespoon scoop of peanut butter. Stir until well combined. Your mixture should be well mixed and not dry. I like to compare the mixture to FLOAM, you know the slime with foam beads that makes a great kids’ activity! When you scoop the mixture, it should hold together!

Simple, fun, and cheap spring activity for kids. DIY bird feeders made with oranges are eco- friendly, sustainable, and kids have a blast creating this craft. This 10 minute craft is quick to make but will provide your kids with hours of entertainment. Start bird watching as a quiet time activity. Have your kids name all the birds as a learning activity. The options are endless when you make this homemade bird feeder! Give this craft for kids a try today.

Step 5. Scoop your seed/peanut butter mixture into your DIY orange bird feeders. I let my kids do this part outside and they loved it! Yes, it was a little messy but that’s why we were outside right?!? Plus, the birds will clean up any seeds that fall on the ground. Don’t worry!

Homemade bird feeder craft from Kids Kubby - Are you looking for a fun and easy bird craft for your kids. This DIY bird feeder made from oranges is perfect! My kids loved scooping out the inside of the orange and filling it with seeds and peanut butter. They found the perfect tree to hang our compostable bird feeder and waited quietly to see what birds would come to our yard. We had so much fun bird watching. This is a great was to spend quality time with your young kids.

Step 6. Find a nice branch to hang your Eco friendly bird feeder and wait for all the little birds in your neighborhood to find it. This really is a fun bird feeder craft for kids!

Outdoor fun for kids begins with homemade bird feeders! With a few simple ingredients your kids can make DIY bird feeders and spend hours watching the birds. This was so much fun for my kids, and I had a blast making this bird feeder craft with them! Try naming the birds, counting how many different types of birds you see, and seeing the different colors of the birds to add a learning element to this fun bird feeder craft for kids!

What To Do With Your Orange Insides – Teaching Kids How To Not Waste!

There are so many ways to use every single part of the orange for this craft. We are using the outside to make a beautiful and sustainable bird feeder with our kids but what should you do with the inside of the orange once it is scooped out? PLEASE what ever you do, do not throw away the fruit on the inside of the orange! It’s yummy and juicy and full of good vitamins.

I used the orange innards in a smoothie, and it was delicious. You can also simply slice it up for a great after school snack, put the oranges on top of yogurt for a healthy breakfast, or make orange juice. So many options. Use this as an opportunity to teach your kids how not to waste food!

The best homemade bird feeder. Eco-friendly, sustainable, compostable craft for kids. Great outdoor activity for toddlers. My kids loved watching the birds fly around the yard. We even had a few that came back every day, so we named them! This is a great activity to bond with your kids. Try making a DIY bird feeder today!

Other DIY Bird Feeder Ideas For Kids

When will you try this eco-friendly bird feeder craft for kids?!

How to make the perfect compostable bird feeder for kids! This kids activity is so simple and fun and really exciting for children of all ages. Supplies you need: oranges, twine, bird seed, and peanut butter. Combine all together and hang in a tree and watch the birds flock to your yard! You might even see a squirrel or 2 come to visit. You must try this DIY bird feeder today! What’s your favorite bird craft for kids? COMMENT BELOW!

Helpful Tips

  • Have a peanut allergy? You can omit the peanut butter all together if you’d like and simply fill the orange with dry bird food. I’ve even seen someone use a coconut husk! I mean if you’re down in Florida a coconut may be the way to go!
  • It is best to use bird feeders during the winter months when food is more scarce for animals. Try making this DIY bird craft in October – April to give the birds a yummy winter treat.  
  • If you have larger birds in your neighborhood, you may find that they are too big to land of your DIY orange bird feeder. Since I wanted to include all the birds in my neighborhood, I decided to place a few orange bird feeders on the ground so the larger birds could enjoy a snack too.😜

Are you looking for a fun bird craft to do with your kids? This DIY bird feeder is a great outdoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers! Not only is this homemade bid feeder fun to make but it is also eco-friendly and compostable! 2 thumbs up for protecting our planet and having fun! Have a peanut allergy? Omit the nut butter from the recipe and simply fill the orange with regular bird seed. I promise the birds will enjoy it just as much!


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