An easy pipe cleaner craft for kids that you can make in less than 5 minutes

If you’re looking for an easy and fun pipe cleaner craft for kids, these Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings are so simple to make. In less then 5 minutes you can make the cutest homemade rings for kids with just two and a half pipe cleaners! Talk about a cheap activity for kids. Don’t you just love simple to make crafts?!

Don’t you love simple crafts!? These pipe cleaner butterfly rings are so pretty and they’re really easy to make. Pipe cleaner crafts are so much fun, especially when you can make something really awesome in less than 5 minutes using nothing but 2 and a half pipe cleaners! You don’t need any glue, and you don’t need any fancy supplies. Just pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors. This is such an awesome low mess craft for kids… and tweens, and teens, and adults… it’s pretty great for all ages!

These beautiful butterfly rings may look a little intimidating at first but I promise they are EXTREMELY easy to make. After making the 1st one, I was able to make about 10 more in 10 minutes. Talk about easy! This pipe cleaner craft would be so much fun as a party favor or an easy activity for sleepovers. Little girls (and boys) are sure to have a blast creating their very own homemade jewelry. What a great way to keep little ones busy. 

Are you looking for an easy craft to keep kids busy - try making pretty butterfly rings out of pipe cleaners. This low mess craft only takes 5 minutes, but the results are so fun. Make pretty DIY butterfly rings in different color combinations for every finger. You only need 2 ½ pipe cleaners per ring so this is a great cheap craft to make at home!


What I love most about this fun low mess craft is that you only need pipe cleaners and scissors. That’s it! No extravagant supply list. I would suggest using an older pair of scissors for this butterfly craft. The wire in the pipe cleaners might mess up your good scissors and we all know how terrible it is to ruin the best scissors in the house!

  • 2 colorful pipe cleaner
  • 1 black pipe cleaner cut in half
  • scissors

If you're looking for a low mess craft for kids, these 5 minutes pipe cleaner butterfly rings are sure to be a hit. With just pipe cleaners, you can make the prettiest homemade butterfly rings ever. Try making this fun butterfly craft in different colors and types of pipe cleaners. I think metallic pipe cleaners would be super cool to use with this low mess craft. You can even turn these pretty butterfly rings into toe rings for summer!

How To Make DIY Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings 

Step 1. Take the 2 whole colorful pipe cleaners and line up the ends. Twist these in the middle a few times so that they stay together.

Step 2. Next, let’s turn the twisted pipe cleaners in step 1 into a ring shape. Place the twisted part of the pipe cleaner under one of your fingers. Wrap the pipe cleaners around your finger making sure the ends are equal length. Give the pipe cleaner a couple of twists on top of your finger so that it looks like the picture below.

Do you have kids who love butterflies? Give this fun butterfly craft a try and see their faces light up. Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Wings are a fun and cheap craft that will keep your little ones busy and entertained. I love this boredom busting craft for rainy days or those days you’re just looking for a quiet time activity for your kids. Let your kids choose their favorite colors to make their butterfly rings. You can even glitz these fun pipe cleaner rings up with some small sticky on jewels. How pretty would that be?!

Step 3. Spread out the 4 pipe cleaner ends. These will be the butterfly wings. Decide which color you want on the top and bottom. Cut about a 1/2 inch off the bottom wing pipe cleaners. 

Step 4. Twist each pipe cleaner end into a spiral toward the center of your ring. Do this for each of the 4 pipe cleaner ends to make the butterfly wings. The bottom wings should be smaller since these pipe cleaners were shorter than the top! 

Having a butterfly themed birthday party for your little girl? These pipe cleaner butterfly rings are so easy and fast to make, and they are great little party favors. You can even use this pipe cleaner craft as a fun activity during a birthday party or sleep over. Since you only need 2 ½ pipe cleaners for each butterfly ring, this is a budget friendly craft that every kid is going to love.

Pro Tip- I’ve experimented with which direction to spiral the wings and found that it really doesn’t matter. You can twist your pipe cleaners either direction and it will still turn out to look like a pretty butterfly when you’re done! 

Step 5. Pinch the wings slightly to give them more of a pointed shape or wing shape! 

Are you looking for a simple craft for your kids – try making pipe cleaner butterfly rings. All you need is 2 ½ pipe cleaners and some scissors and in less than 5 minutes you can make the prettiest pipe cleaner rings ever. Little kids will go nuts over this fun craft. Maybe make a bunch of these butterfly rings before heading outside to look for real butterflies. Then your kids can show off their pretty pipe cleaner butterflies to actual butterflies. I bet they’d get a kick out of that! Give it a try today.

Step 6. Cut the black pipe cleaner in half. This is the body of our butterfly. Loop the black pipe cleaner up and around the middle of the butterfly wings to make the body. Give it a couple of twists at the top to secure it in place.

Butterfly Pipe Cleaner Rings – Simple and cheap craft for kids. This low mess craft takes less than 5 minutes to make. My kids absolutely loved choosing their favorite colors for each butterfly ring. I think we ended up making more than 10 butterfly rings and it only took a few minutes. Now my kids run around the house wearing butterflies on their fingers, toes and even their ears. Crazy kids! But they loved this butterfly craft so much and your kids will too!

Step 7. Trim the ends of the black pipe cleaners to make even (if necessary). These are the antennas. You can either leave them straight or twist outward into a loose spiral. I think these homemade pipe cleaner butterfly rings look pretty both ways! 

Looking for easy pipe cleaner crafts for kids? My girls love making these pipe cleaner butterfly rings! With just a couple of pipe cleaners kids can make pretty butterfly rings in every color and it only takes a couple of minutes. They are so cute for any spring project. A great boredom buster for when they are stuck at home. Cute little gifts, too. Don’t you just love low mess crafts?! DIY Butterfly Crafts for the win!


Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings- the PERFECT 5 minute craft for kids!


How To Make Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings Even Better!

These pretty butterfly rings made with just 2 and 1/2 pipe cleaners is such a simple craft for kids. I love that kids can make these rings all by themselves. These homemade rings are a great activity for kids to do with friends or make as gifts. Get creative with your color combinations. You can also use metallic pipe cleaners to make these butterfly rings really shine or glue on small jewels for a bit a pizzazz! The possibilities are endless and so is the fun.

If you’re looking for fun craft ideas for your kids, these whimsical little butterfly rings are a blast to make! Kids can make these homemade rings for every finger and in any color they like. Either way, they keep little hands busy when bored at home. This is an easy project for elementary age girls who are always looking for creative things to do. These also make for fun gift ideas for friends.

More pipe cleaner crafts for kids! 

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If you’re looking for a cute butterfly craft to do with kids, you’re going to love these pipe cleaner butterfly rings. This easy low mess craft is perfect for entertaining bored kids. Each butterfly ring only needs 2 ½ pipe cleaners so this is a crazy cheap craft for kids! I love that kids can customize these homemade rings in any color. You can even jazz these butterfly rings up with some metallic pipe cleaners or little sparkly jewels! The perfect pipe cleaner butterfly craft for summer.

These pipe cleaner butterfly rings are SO SIMPLE to make and they’re so pretty! This is such a fun and easy kids craft idea and a super fun summer craft. All you need are a few pipe cleaners and in less than 5 minutes you can make an awesome homemade ring! Isn’t homemade jewelry the best!? Make these for sleepover or party favors. Kids are sure to go crazy over this low mess pipe cleaner craft!Who doesn’t love a simple butterfly craft? These pipe cleaner butterfly rings are SO easy to make with just 2 ½ pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors. In less than 5 minutes, your kids can make the cutest homemade rings ever. And the best part is the pipe cleaner craft is so budget friendly that your kids can make as many butterfly rings as they want for CHEAP! Mix and match your favorite colors to create the best pipe cleaner rings ever!


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