A cute craft for kids and the young at heart!

How to make adorable monsters with colorful yarn, fuzzy pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. This easy yarn craft is ideal for beginners with no skills required. It’s surprisingly simple for how awesome these unique critters turn out, and your little ones will have fun playing with them or simply admiring them on a shelf.

Step by step tutorial on how to make cute little monsters with colorful yarn and pipe cleaners. An easy and impressive craft for kids and adults!

Go crazy with a variety of bright colors and styles! Once you make one monster, you’ll want to make several more to make sure your creations have a few furry, one eye-balled friends to hang out with.

Supplies Needed

  • colorful yarn
  • fuzzy pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • scissors
  • piece of cardboard or cardstock (about 8 inches long)

Materials needed for making yarn monsters including yarn, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, scissors, and cardboard.

How To Make The Most Adorable Yarn Monsters

Step 1Wrap the yarn around your cardboard like shown below. The exact size of cardboard doesn’t matter! In fact, you could also use a small book or anything else that would work well. The more yarn you wrap around, the thicker and fluffier your monsters will be. 

Yarn wrapped around a piece of cardboard ready to make cute little monsters for Halloween or anytime of the year.

Step 2Stick a pipe cleaner through the top of the wrapped yarn and twist it tightly together to secure the yarn. Next, trim off the bottom of the yarn to your desired length. You should now have what looks like a hairy mop with antennas. 😄Easy yarn monsters craft for kids to make at home or school.

Step 3Use another pipe cleaner to make your monster head. Simply wrap it around the yarn about an inch down from the top, pull it tightly, twist a few times to secure it, and then trim off the excess.

Step 4Roll the two pipe cleaners at the top into spirals to create the monster’s antennas (you may need to trim them a bit first). Glue on a few googly eyes and you’re done! Place as many googly eyes in random places as you’d like. These are monsters, after all. Make them weird!

These quirky creatures come to life with vibrant colors and textures. They look really cool hanging out on a bookshelf, desk, bed, playroom, counter top, or anywhere else in the house you want to display a playful decoration. 

Cute and spooky homemade yarn monsters made with fuzzy pipe cleaners and googly eyes! A fun project for kids of all ages and even adults who love to craft!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own little flair. You could even add pipe cleaner arms or extra antennas. There aren’t any rules with these fuzzy little critters.

Are you looking for awesome craft ideas for kids to make? Look no further than these adorable yarn monsters made with fuzzy and colorful pipe cleaners. Add some googly eyes and you've got the cutest little creatures.

Because these monsters are more cute than they are spooky, I think this craft is perfect for anytime of the year, but you could definitely incorporate them into the fall season for Halloween. Each one has its own personality and style!

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If you're looking for easy yarn crafts to make for beginners, these cute little fuzzy monsters are so simple to make with colorful yarn, fuzzy pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. A fun project for both kids and adults who love making fun things on a rainy day at home.

Cute monster craft made with colorful yarn and pipe cleaners! A fun project to do at home when bored for kids of all ages. Do you have a bunch of yarn at home you need to use up? Try making these cute little DIY monsters! No skills required here, just a few basic supplies and lots of fun. This easy project is great for kids and adults of all ages. Step by step tutorial on how to make cute yarn monsters with pipe cleaners and googly eyes, and fun and easy craft idea for both kids and adults. How to make the cutest yarn monsters with a simple step by step tutorial and photos. A super cute project to make at home when bored!


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