Need a fun easy Halloween Craft for kids? Here’s how to make these adorable Halloween Spiders.

Get into the Halloween spirit with this super easy and fun DIY activity for kids using pipe cleaners, pom poms, and googly eyes. This engaging craft project allows children to explore their creativity while crafting a spooky yet adorable spider to use as decor for Halloween or use as little buddies to play with!

This Halloween spider craft is a fantastic way to engage kids in a creative and enjoyable activity while celebrating the spooky Halloween season. Let the kids take pride and help hang them up as decorations or use them as table centerpieces.

Supplies Needed:

  • Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Pom Poms
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue(craft or hot glue)
  • Scissors

STEP 1: Cut two pipe cleaners in half, making four shorter pieces.

Are you looking for a quick, easy Halloween craft? Look no further. These little spiders are so easy to make using pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pom poms; Your kids will love making them and using them for imaginative play afterward.


STEP 2: Twist the four pipe cleaner pieces together in the middle. After, give them a little bend to create the spider leg look.

Are you looking for a quick craft? This craft has got you covered! In just a few simple steps, your kids will be spider-making-pros, using pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pom poms. This craft is the perfect balance between creative engagement and a speedy setup, making it an ideal choice for impromptu crafting sessions.

STEP 3: Using hot glue or craft glue, adhere your pom pom on top of the pipe cleaner legs.

These adorable little spiders are the perfect way to start your Halloween crafting! Kids will love making them; let them experiment with different size legs, pom pom colors, and eye sizes. Creating their own personalized fall decorations or imaginative buddy!

STEP 4:  Glue on two googly eyes on top of the pom poms (some googly eyes have adhesive you can stick right on).

I love finding a super easy craft the kids can do without breaking the bank! This project is fun, and you likely already have everything you need. Did I mention the craft is SO easy?

When making these cute little critters let children experiment with different leg lengths, eye placements, and color pom poms, making other color spiders and their personalized art. My toddler LOVED playing with his new eight-legged pals!

Need a fun and simple Halloween craft for the kids? These quick and easy pipe cleaner spiders are the perfect activity! Creating awesome Halloween decorations to place around the house.


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