If you are looking for a fun and easy cake to make, your child will love this homemade DIY construction themed birthday cake!

This year I decide I wanted to stop with the store bought cakes and start with new traditions– me making the kids their own special birthday cake! I was so nervous and had no idea what I was getting myself into. This construction site cake ended up being totally fail proof! This cake is not only easy and delicious, your kiddo will also be able to play with the tractor toppers (after they lick off all the yummy frosting of course!).

My two year old is ALL about the tractors these days so I thought this easy homemade construction themed cake would be perfect. I was right. He absolutely loved it!

Are you looking of a simple birthday cake that can you mess up? This cake is so easy and fun your child will be sure to love! They will also be able to use the to toy tractors after they are done.

Making this homemade construction cake was so fun. Plus ordering a cake can get pretty pricey!  So saving some money was a win!

DIY Construction Birthday Themed Party with the cutest dirt and tractor cake!

I made two cakes using two 9′ round pans,  one chocolate and one vanilla. If you’re on a time crunch you can head to a near by grocery store and pick up two chocolate cakes that are already baked and frosted.

If your child likes tractors their eye will be sure to light up the they see this homemade construction cake. Anyone can make the cake it is SO easy! and a HUGE money saver!

DIY Construction Truck Cake Supplies

  • Two 9 inch round cake pans (or two store bought chocolate frosted cakes)
  • Box of cake mix (including the ingredients needed on the box)
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Treats for the dirt (I used Oreos). You can also use Kit Kat, Twix, Butterfinger, or Crunch bars.
  • M&M’s (optional)
  • Whoppers (optional)
  • Little tractors
  • Cake Stand
  • Birthday Candles

DIY Construction Birthday Cake Instructions

  1. Bake 2 round cakes (or use a store bought chocolate cake) and place them on top of each other. I flipped the top tier upside down so I would have more of a flat service to work with. TIP: Before starting, put your cake on a cake topper to save yourself a disaster when trying to move the cake later. 😛
  2. Using a cake server, cut a piece out of the top tier. Don’t worry about the mess. That’s what’s great about this cake. The messier, the better!
  3. COAT that baby in chocolate frosting.  You can make your own frosting or pick up some that’s already made at the store. Add on as much as you’d like, the more the better! YOU CAN NOT mess this part up. (Don’t forget to treat yourself and lick the spatula when you’re done!)
  4. Split the Oreos and scrape off the filling. You can dump the filling, save it for later use, or in my case… I let my oldest indulge! (Woohoo! Mom brownie points!) Place the plain cookies in a zip lock bag and start crushing. You can also add them to a blender for a quick blend! I tried to do a good balance of small and big pieces.  Sprinkle in the Oreos in the hole on the top tier and then around the base of your cake.
  5. Place Little tractors on the top of the cake. No one way is correct. I did have fun using the little excavator to create the digging look. I also placed the cookies in the dump truck and in front of the bulldozer… these little guys are hard at work!  At first I didn’t have plans to use M&M’s but thought it would be a fun splash of color, totally optional.
  6. Add your candles and YOU’RE DONE!

Easy DIY homemade birthday cake idea! This dirt and tractor birthday cake is effortless to make, and impossible to mess up. No skills required here! And yet it's super impressive. Your kids will love it! It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, or boys of any age really.

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Are you looking for a quick, easy and fail proof cake? This diy construction site birthday cake is a great option for when you're on a time crunch! The kids will be sure to love it! You'll have all this kids at the party talking! It perfect for boys of all ages, but especially toddlers and preschool children. They love playing with the tractors.

This quick and easy homemade birthday construction site cake is a hit with little boys! My 2 year absolutely loved it. It's so simple to make and impossible to mess up. It's basically just a chocolate cake sprinkled with crushed Oreos with a few toy tractors cleverly placed to make it look like a construction site. You can also add candy such as M&Ms for added color and fun.Homemade Birthday Cake Idea for Toddlers... a construction side themed chocolate cake using crushed Oreos, tractors and M&Ms! This DIY birthday cake is super easy to make and doesn't require any baking skills. It's suppose to look messy like dirt and mud! My 2 year old had so much fun licking the frosting off the trucks.


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