Check out this mess free cotton ball sheep craft. An easy craft idea for preschoolers. 

This sheep craft is so ADORABLE! Make fluffy little sheep using our free sheep printable, cotton balls, and clear contact paper! My kids love making these cute sheep as a fun spring time project. These fluffy sheep are the perfect craft for toddlers and preschoolers and they are so easy to make with this FREE sheep printout! This simple to make sheep craft is made with just a few cheap supplies you probably already have at home. Kid love this farm inspired project and parent love a low mess craft, am I right?! Try this easy contact paper and cotton ball craft idea today.


Check out this easy tutorial on how to make contact paper sheep. using just contact paper, cotton balls, and our free sheep printout, your kids can create fully sheep that pair perfectly with a farm studies unit at school!

How to Make Cotton Ball Sheep

Start by cutting out the inside of the sheep. You can do this by cutting a small hole in the center of the sheep and inserting your scissors. How to make a fluffy sheep craft using cotton balls. These contact paper sheep are so cute! Your kids will love these easy to make cotton ball sheep. perfect for preschoolers learning about animals. Next, cut a sheet of clear contact paper to fit the opening on the sheep’s body. (I used 7in x 8in piece of contact paper.) Contact paper is the world's best craft supply! using this amazing mess free technique, you can make fluffy adorable sheep out of contact paper and cotton balls. such a fun craft idea for kids. Remove the contact paper backing and lay the contact paper on a table sticky side up. Place your sheep on top of the contact paper and smooth down the outer edges. sensory sheep craft project for preschoolers using contact paper and cotton balls. Free printable included. the perfect sheep craft for preschoolers. Let your kids put cotton balls all over the sticky part of the contact paper sheep. Have your kids tear the cotton balls in half before placing on the contact paper for a little fine motor activity! grab some cotton balls and lets make this fluffy sheep craft with just a few simple craft supplies. This is a great farm animal project for toddlers and preschoolers that also helps with fine motor skills. make these adorable cotton ball sheep today. After all the sticky parts are covered, cut away the extra paper along the outer edge of the sheep. This is optional but I think it makes the sheep even cuter! cotton ball sheep, contact paper sheep craft, sheep craft, farm animal craft, craft for preschool, animal crafts idea, low mess craft for kids Don’t forget to grab your Free Sheep Printable Here

Helpful Tips

  • Do yourself a favor and only cut the inside of the sheep to start this project. The first time I made this fluffy cotton ball sheep project, I cut the entire sheep out and doubled the cutting work for myself.
  • I like to use clear contact paper for this craft but really any type of contact paper would work since the cotton balls cover the entire sticky surface.
  • I recommend using card stock paper to print your sheep. Thicker paper will make your sheep project more sturdy and easier to cut out but printer paper will work just fine too.

how to make the cutest cotton ball sheep craft ever. this low mess art project is so fun for toddlers and preschoolers. Make sure to share this with a teacher you know! This cute sheep craft is great for every day fun with your little one. It’s also perfect for a preschool classroom farm craft. Is there a better way to study farm animals than with fluffy cotton ball contact paper sheep?! Plus this low mess craft is easy to clean up. A win for any parent or teacher. Make sure to send this to a preschool teacher you know.

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Are you looking for a fun animal craft for kids? Cotton ball sheep is an easy activity for kids using a few simple craft supplies like contact paper, cotton balls and a free sheep printable. My toddler loves making these fluffy sheep and yours will too. how cute is this sheep craft? this low mess activity for kids is so easy to make with just a few cheap craft supplies. This cotton ball sheep craft pairs perfectly with a farm studies unit at school. The perfect preschool craft idea!are you looking for a fun farm animal craft idea for kids? Cotton ball sheep craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning about animals and farms. This fluffy sheep project is low mess and cheap. Your kids will love this easy farm animal craft idea. sticky sheep made with contact paper and cotton balls is a fun animal craft to make with toddlers and preschoolers. This simple to make craft idea for kids is perfect for preschool classrooms learning about farms animal. Check out this low mess craft for kids today!


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