Learning shapes? Try this magnetic shapes sensory activity at home!

I love a good hands on activity for kids, especially one that helps them learn. Learning shapes is one of the fundamental skills that every child must have so why not make it fun?! This easy to set up sensory activity is perfect for little kids who really just want to play all day and for parents who want their kids to learn through play!

If you're looking for a fun toddler activity that also teaches shapes, this is the one for you! magnetic shapes sensory bins are fun and engaging while helping little ones with shape recognition. Plus all the supplies are from the dollar store! Repetition, repetition, repetition. Seeing things over and over is how your kids learn. So the more fun activities and games you create, the easier it is for kids to retain the information. This shape matching game is great for learning the names of shapes and it’s also a super fun sensory activity using colored rice

Here’s How To Make A Sensory Game For Shape Recognition


  • Magnetic Tiles (several different shapes)
  • Baking Sheet
  • Dry Erase Marker or Sharpie
  • Tub or Bin (check the dollar store)
  • Colored Rice (check out how to make some here!)

are you ready for the best ever sensory activity for kids? This rice sensory activity teaches shapes and matching to toddlers while they play! It's the perfect addition to your homeschool lesson plan.

Name Those Shapes! 

Start by grabbing some of your kids’ magnetic tiles. Find several different shapes and place them on the back of your baking sheet. Trace around each shape with a marker.

easy mess free magnet game for preschoolers. Simple set up using dollar store supplies. Perfect for preschool classroom teachers.

*I used a dry erase marker for this activity so that I could easily clean the baking sheet and use it for cooking again. You can also grab a dollar store baking sheet and use a sharpie if you want to leave this activity set up for your kids all the time. 

In a large tub or bin pour a few cups of dyed rice and bury your magnetic shapes. Have your kids dig in the rice to find the shapes and match them to the outlines on the baking sheet.

Are you looking for an easy activity for kids to play when they are bored. Check out this fun sensory play idea using dollar store supplies. The perfect preschool at home activity.
Click the picture to learn how to make this colorful rice.

Make sure to name each shape as they find it in the rice sensory bin. Remember repetition is key!

Have you tried this shapes sensory bin yet? Easy to make and do much fun for kids, this magnetic shapes game is the best way to teach toddlers shape recognition. Plus you probably already have all the supplies at home!

Sensory activities are always a great learning tool for kids especially toddlers and preschoolers. My daughter did this shape matching game about 4 times before simply playing in the rice! I’ll take it because it kept her busy for a solid 30 minutes. I also love that removing the magna-tiles from the baking sheet is an easy fine motor activity to strengthen hands! 

This is the best way to teach shapes to little kids. this magnetic sensory bin is easy and cheap to set up and can keep kids entertained. Have you ever wondered about the best way to teach kids about shapes? Through play of course! this super fun sensory activity promotes shape recognition and fine motor skills. Plus all the supplies can be found at the dollar store. Try this budget friendly activity for kids today! Are you looking for a fun way to teach young kids about shapes? This easy to make shape matching game is both fun and educational. Using cheap supplies you probably already have at home you can create this magnetic shape sensory activity in less then 5 minutes! Who doesn't love a low prep activity for kids.



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