Melted Crayon Art Projects

I stumbled across this new fun and exciting crayon craft a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest, and have found some creative melted crayon art projects that I just had to share. They’ve become so popular that you can even buy really unique melted crayon wall art on Etsy! But better yet, spend a couple of hours making your own custom crayon canvas design to match your personality and room decor.

All you will need are crayons (Crayola works best), newspaper, a canvas, a hot glue gun, and a blow dryer. Whether you want to use every color of the rainbow or perhaps just a few select colors, hot glue your crayons with the tips facing down on the top of your canvas. Because of the possibility of spatters, place your canvas on newspaper in an area that won’t run the risk of ruining anything near by. With your canvas upright leaning against a wall, use your hairdryer on a it’s hottest setting to melt your crayons. Start with your hairdryer on high to get your crayons off to a good start, and then turn it down once they start to drip to prevent splattering.

Source: Meg Duerksen

Lilly Childers

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