No Sew Barbie Pillows

Once again, our decorative duct tape is coming in quite handy! Upon the insistent request of my daughter, we’ve made these easy DIY barbie pillows without any sewing!

No Sew Barbie Pillows Materials Needed:

Decorative duct tape, scissors, cotton balls, one small section of toilet paper, and a sticky sided jewel.

Wrap one or two cotton balls with a single section of toilet paper. Try to make it as square as possible so that the duct tape sticks properly around the edges. Cut about a 6 inch piece of duct tape and place your wrapped cotton balls on top of the sticky side of the tape, leaving just enough room on each side for the tape to overlap.

Cut off the excess tape. You can leave your pillow square or round the edges if you’d like. Place your sticker jewel in the center of your new pillow. You can also use a hot glue gun to place on other accessories.

These make for cute little throw pillows for Barbie’s bed or couch!

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No-sew doll pillows using duct tape! Could make these in any size for Barbie or American Girl Dolls.

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