A list of the best pipe cleaner crafts and activities for kids of all ages!

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to keep little hands busy at home? Check out these amazing pipe cleaner crafts for kids. These are so much fun for kids and parents too. I love that these pipe cleaner crafts and activities are low mess and low effort because let’s face it sometimes parents just need an easy idea to keep kids entertained. Pipe cleaners are so cheap too! Pick up a package of colorful, fuzzy pipe cleaners at the craft store or amazon and start creating today! 

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1. Homemade Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings

This 5 minute craft uses only 2 ½ pipe cleaners. I mean look at how cute these are! Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings are great for sleepovers or as party favors. Use your favorite color combinations to make these pretty homemade butterfly rings. 

Who doesn’t love a simple butterfly craft? These pipe cleaner butterfly rings are SO easy to make with just 2 ½ pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors. In less than 5 minutes, your kids can make the cutest homemade rings ever. And the best part is the pipe cleaner craft is so budget friendly that your kids can make as many butterfly rings as they want for CHEAP! Mix and match your favorite colors to create the best pipe cleaner rings ever!
Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings

2. Easy Pipe Cleaner Animal Pencil Toppers

Bears, kitties and pigs OH MY! These pipe cleaner animal pencil toppers are not only cute but they are super fun to make. Think outside of the box and make any animal, character, shape or object that you like using this simple method. These adorable animal toppers are a great craft to make for back to school time. Give your kids a fun little incentive to finish their homework. 

These cute little animal pencil toppers are super fun, cheap and easy to make with an assortment of pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a hot glue gun. Boys AND girls will love this simple pipe cleaner craft. Your younger children will probably need supervision and help with the glue gun, but older kids and teenagers will be surprised at how easy it is to make these adorable fuzzy animals.
Adorable Pipe Cleaner Animal Pencil Toppers

3. Whimsical Pipe Cleaner Dragonflies

If you’re looking for an easy craft idea for your kids, these whimsical little dragonflies are a blast to make with simple materials. They can be pinned to cork boards, added to fairy gardens, made into magnets, or dimply just played with. Either way, they keep little hands busy when bored at home. Find the full tutorial here. 

If you’re looking for fun craft ideas for your kids, these whimsical little dragonflies are a blast to make! They can be pinned to a cork board, added to a fairy garden, made into magnets, or simply enjoyed as a fun little trinket. Either way, they keep little hands busy when bored at home. This is an easy project for elementary age girls who are always looking for creative things to do. They can use any combination of colors they’d like! These also make for fun gift ideas for friends.
Beaded Pipe Cleaner Dragonflies

4. Borax Pipe Cleaner Crystals

How cool are these homemade crystals? With just a few cheap supplies your kids can make the coolest DIY Crystals ever. Make any shape, size, and color crystal with just pipe cleaners, water and borax. I love finding activities that are not only fun but educational too. This easy science experiment will have your kids amazed!

Are you looking for a fun science experiment to do at home with your kids? Try making Borax Crystal Shapes! These DIY crystals are made with pipe cleaners, water, and borax. That's it! Such an easy and fun activity for kids! Hang on your window or use as Christmas ornaments. These homemade crystals really are the perfect kids' craft!
Borax Pipe Cleaner Crystals

5. Pipe Cleaner Tic Tac Toe

Such a fun DIY game idea for kids. This pipe cleaner Tic Tac Toe set is so easy to make. You will need 4 pipe cleaners, 2 of the same color for the tic tac toe board, and 1 color each for the Xs and Os. To make the grid cut 2 pipe cleaners in half to make 4 equal pieces. Form the grid and twist the pipe cleaners where they intersect. Next cut small pieces of pipe cleaners and shape the Xs and Os. Now you’re ready to play. I love this portable tic tac toe set because it’s great for restaurants, air planes, and car rides! 

Simple to make diy tic tac toe set out of pipe cleaners. This fun game is the perfect way to keep entertained at restaurants, in the car, and on the plane. Plus this kid's game is so easy to put in a baggie and store. Make this great pipe cleaner craft in 5 minutes.

6. Flower Pipe Cleaner Bookmarks

Aren’t these DIY bookmarks so fun? All you need for this simple kid’s craft is pipe cleaners, jumbo popsicle sticks, buttons, and some glue. I mean you probably already have these supplies at home. If not, everything can be found at the dollar store. Plus, this budget friendly pipe cleaner craft only takes 5 minutes. What a great way to encourage reading! 

DIY flower bookmarks are so fun to make with just a few simple supplies you probably already have at home. If not, a quick trip to the dollar store for popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and buttons will get you ready to make the best homemade bookmarks ever. My kids absolutely loved making these pipe cleaner bookmarks because they could customize each one with their favorite colors! Talk about a great way to get your kids excited about reading!
Flower Book Marks

7. Pipe Cleaner Fruit Loop Color Sorting

Check out this easy way to teach toddlers color recognition. All you need is a colander, fruit loops, and pipe cleaners. Your kids will learn to sort colors and get some fine motor skill practice all while having fun. They’ll probably sneak a bite or 2 of the fruit loops so snack time is taken care of as well! 🤣 Check out the full instructions here.  

Simple and Cheap Ways to Build Color Recognition in young children! Your toddlers and preschoolers are going to love these fun color matching indoor activities. Most of these concepts only take 5-10 minutes so your kids won't get bored, plus they are super easy for parents to set up. Anything with a rainbow of bright and interesting colors keeps kids intrigued and entertained for hours, and you might even have some of the basic supplies on hand. These are great for playdates, too!
Fruit Loop Color Sorting

8. Clothes Pin Butterflies

These easy to make clothes pin butterflies are so simple and fun and clip to anything and everything. Use this pipe cleaner project as a bookmark, party favor, gift decorations, or simply as a fun new toy. With just a few cheap supplies that you probably already have at home, your kids can create these beautiful clothespin butterflies today! 

Looking for easy pipe cleaner crafts for kids? My girls love making these clothes pin butterflies! They are so cute for any spring project. A great boredom buster for when they are stuck at home. Cute little gifts, too.
Clothes Pin Butterfly Craft

9. Flower and Bead Counting

Make learning to count easy with this fun pipe cleaner flower and bead activity. With some cheap supplies like foam flowers, pipe cleaners, and pony beads you can create a simple counting game for toddlers and preschoolers that also helps with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, this craft is really fun to make too! 

How cute is this foam flower counting activity? It’s great for toddlers and preschoolers as they learn to count. Head to the dollar store today to pick up some foam flowers, green pipe cleaners, and pony beads. This counting game takes 5 minutes to prepare and will keep kids entertained for much longer!
Pipe Cleaner Flower Counting

10. Make Bubble Wands with Pipe Cleaners

DIY bubble wands don’t get any easier then this! Using a cookie cutter, some pipe cleaners and beads you can make cute and customizable bubble wands. This simple craft is perfect for birthday parties or a day at the park with friends.  Make sure to bring your favorite bubble solution and enjoy the fun!! Check out these other Super Fun Bubble Ideas to go with these pipe cleaner bubble wands!

Simple outdoor craft idea for kids using pipe cleaners, beads, and cookie cutters. Kids will love making their very own magical DIY bubble wands. These bubble wands make a great party activity for kids. Try making bubble wands at your next birthday party or family gathering to keep kids entertained outdoors! Don't forget a lot of bubble solution because your kids are going to be blowing bubble for hours with this simple to make bubble wand craft.
Bubble Wands

Check Out These Holiday Themed Pipe Cleaner Craft Ideas Too!

11. Halloween Pipe Cleaner Spider Pumpkins

Add a little spook to your Halloween pumpkins with spider legs. For an easy little Halloween craft with the kids use mini pumpkins, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes to create a scary little spider. Display these SPOOK-tacular pumpkins on your front porch for a cute and easy halloween decor idea. Check out all the ideas here. 

Looking for fun and easy DIY no carve pumpkin decorating ideas? There are so many easy ways to dress them up with paint, markers, glitter, pipe cleaners and more! Great for indoor and outdoor use. Lots of funny and creative ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Easy enough for kids, teens and adults to make. Everything from pretty and glamorous to crazy and spooky. Definitely a cheap way to decorate for fall! Keeps the kids busy, too. #halloween #pumpkindecorating #fall #kidskubby
Spider Pumpkins

12. Easy Pumpkin Treat Bags

Check out these fun pipe cleaner favor bags from With just pipe cleaners, tape, tissue paper, and google eyes you can make adorable favor bags for class parties or your next spooky event. Find the instructions here.

These adorable pumpkin party favors are super awesome for Halloween parties! Kids absolutely love them. They are cheap and easy to make with simple materials that your kids will enjoy making with you. Stuff them with candy and small toys. My grandkids brought these to their school party as little goody bags to bring home. So cute! They were the biggest hit. I plan on making these every year now to pass out to friends and family.
Easy Tissue Paper Pumpkin Goodie Bags

13. Beaded Corn On The Cob

Such a fantastic pipe cleaner craft idea for fall. These beaded corn on the cobs are so cute and use just 2 cheap materials including pipe cleaners and pony beads. Head to the dollar store to pick up some fall colored beads and your kids can make the best beaded corn craft ever. Plus threading all the beads onto the pipe cleaners is a great fine motor activity for kids! 

Beaded corn crafts with pipe cleaners and pony beads is a fun and educational fall activity for kids. Let your kids explore creativity and fine motor skills this fall!
Beaded Fall Corn On The Cob Tutorial

14. Valentine’s Day Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

These DIY pencil toppers are a fun alternative to Valentine’s Day cards. Plus they are so easy and cheap to make! Kids of all ages will love making these pipe cleaner Valentine’s Day pencil toppers for their friends. Click here for more info. 

Are you looking for a fun and unique Valentine’s craft for kids – These DIY Candy Heart Pencil Toppers are the perfect alternative to traditional valentine’s day cards. All you need is a few Dollar Store supplies and you’ll be able to create an easy and cheap Valentine’s Day craft. These would be so fun for a classroom Valentine craft or at home for all your friends! Happy Valentine’s Day! easy pipe cleaner craft idea for kids.
Valentine’s Day Pencil Toppers

Pipe cleaner crafts for kids are so fun and easy to make. All of these budget friendly crafts can be made in just a few minutes with supplies you probably already have around your house. Try using multi-colored or metallic pipe cleaners for a real WOW factor! 

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here are a bunch of easy to make pipe cleaner craft ideas for kids of all ages. From cute animal pencil toppers to homemade crystals, this lists of pipe cleaner crafts has something for everyone. Head to the dollar store today and start making these fun and engaging crafts and activities for kids!


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