Quick And Cheap Christmas Craft For Kids – Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes.

Are you looking for a fun Christmas craft to make with your kids? Well these pipe cleaner snowflakes, covered with pretty beads, are the perfect Christmas art project for kids of all ages. Using just 1 ½ pipe cleaners, a few pony beads, and a pretty rhinestone for the center, you can make a fun winter craft that’s cheap and mess free. Head to the dollar store today for all the supplies. 

how adorable are these beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes. My kids love this fun Christmas activity, perfect for the holidays.  add a pretty ribbon and turn these into DIY ornaments for your christmas tree!

Does it feel like the holiday season gets here earlier and earlier each year?? My kids were already asking to make Christmas crafts at the end of October. I mean let’s get through Halloween first, right? Well, I finally gave in and we made these simple and oh so cute beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes one afternoon. This Christmas craft could not be any easier to make. Your kids are going to love making this pipe cleaner craft and, to be honest, you will too!

What You Will Need

  • 1 ½ pipe cleaners (2 whole pipe cleaners, each cut in half)
  • 36 pony beads 
  • 6 snowflake beads
  • rhinestone sticker

❄️ How To Make Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes ❄️

Step 1. Make the pipe cleaner snowflake 

Start with 2 pipe cleaners and cut them in half. You will need 3 halves for this project. Now, twist the pipe cleaners together. Take 2 of the pipe cleaners and make a lower case “t” shape with the horizontal pipe cleaner behind the vertical one. 

Simple to make beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes are so fun to make and they are absolutely adorable! with just pipe cleaners, beads and a shiny rhinestone sticker your kids can make this amazing christmas craft today. Add a little ribbon and you have a DIY ornament that will be perfect for your Christmas tree. Give this budget friendly winter craft a try today.

Next, place the 3rd pipe cleaner on top of the other pipe cleaners at the mid point. Twist the horizontal pipe cleaners together on each side 2 times like the picture below. Spread the pipe cleaners into the shape of a snowflake. 

Wow! aren't these pipe cleaner beaded snowflakes just the cutest? And they are so easy to make with just 2 pipe cleaners, a few piny beads, snowflake beads and sticker rhinestones. This cheap dollar store Christmas craft is perfect for kids of all ages too. Make a bunch of these for teacher gifts, DIY ornaments, and even place settings at your Christmas dinner table.

Step 2. Time to add the beads

I used 6 beads on each snowflake arm in varying shapes of blue, white, purple and pink. I love the way they look with both solid and translucent pony beads. Once all the beads are added, slide a snowflake bead at the end of each pipe cleaner. 

how to make beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes with pony beads. 5 minute christmas activity idea for kids. perfect class room craft for preschool christmas parties.

Take the end of the pipe cleaner and fold it over and poke it back through the snowflake bead to secure the ends. This will prevent the beads from falling off the pipe cleaner. 

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Step 3. Add the rhinestone

I found the rhinestone stickers on Amazon (of course, what would be do without Amazon). Place 1 rhinestone sticker in the middle of your beaded snowflake for the final touch. 

Now your Pipe Cleaner Snowflake is complete! Make more of these using the steps above in different shades of blues, whites, and light purples and pinks. These pipe cleaner snowflakes come out absolutely adorable every time we make them. I love this simple Christmas craft idea so much. You can even string some ribbon through one of the loops and turn this craft into DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree!

check out this easy to make tutorial for pipe cleaner snowflakes. Simple 5 minute craft idea for preschoolers.

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easy simple to follow tutorial to make beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes. These are perfect for little gifts this holiday season. Add a ribbon and you can turn this no mess craft into DIY Christmas tree ornaments! easy and fun christmas craft for preschoolers. Are you looking for a fun and mess free to keep your kids entertained during the Christmas holiday? Make these beaded pipe cleaner with just a few cheap supplies you may already have at home. If not, stop by the dollar store and get everything you need to make this fun winter craft. I like to add a ribbon to make these DIY snowflake ornaments! Beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes are the perfect craft for winter. This no mess craft is easy for kids of all ages to make. Find all the supplies you need at the dollar store today! 5 minute christmas craft for the win!


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