Frozen Dinosaur Eggs are the perfect outdoor activity to build fine motor skills while your children use fun, imaginative play!

These frozen eggs are great for all ages! My kids are twelve, two, and eight months so I love when I can find an activity that all 3 of them can do together. It makes it so much easier, and the best part is that it’s a good way for all of us to get some family time (I think my 12-year-old had more fun than my toddler!). Younger children might need assistance and different tools to help hatch the eggs. This activity is also the perfect time to let the older siblings help and have fun with the younger ones.

Frozen dinosaur eggs are a great summer activity your kids are going to love! So easy with few supplies your kids will be busy using imaginative play and problem solving to help get these little guys out of their frozen eggs.

Supplies Needed to Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

  • Balloons (You don’t need water balloons, they will likely be too small depending on the size of your dinosaurs)
  • Small Toy Dinosaurs
  • Water
  • Tools (spray bottle, baster/eye droppers)

Are you looking for a fun sensory activities that will help with fine motor skills? Frozen dinosaur eggs are the perfect summer activity for your kids and what's better is it's great for all ages the whole family can join in on the fun!

STEP ONE: Stretch open the tops of the balloons and have your little helper stuff a dinosaur into each one.

The best science imaginative play. Your kids will have a blast with this activity! Perfect for a hot summer day using balloons, toy dinosaurs and water. Let your children have fun using their imagination helping hatch these cute little dinosaurs.

STEP TWO: Fill the balloons with water and tie securely. You can make the eggs as big or as small as you’d like! I made ours about the size of a softball.

Does your child love dinosaurs? If so they are going to love this frozen dinosaur egg science activity! It's so easy and you only need a few supplies: balloons, toy dinosaurs and water! Take it outside and let your children use their imagination helping hatch these little eggs.

STEP THREE: Place the balloons in the freezer overnight or until you’re ready to start this fun activity. 

Children will love using their scientific imagination to help hatch these frozen dinosaur eggs. Make the eggs as big or as small as you'd like.

STEP FOUR: Once the eggs are frozen, use scissors to gently cut the tops off the balloons and peel them off. 

Your family is going to love playing and hatching these frozen dinosaur eggs. Great for all ages and the perfect summer day activity. Invite the neighbor kiddos over and let them explore and watch them work together to hatch these little eggs.

STEP FIVE: You’re done! How awesome is that?? Let the kids have fun outside using water and tools to help hatch the dinosaurs. 

Encourage your children to use tools like spray bottles and basters. This will help increase their fine motor skills by building finger and hand strength.

This frozen dinosaur egg activity it great for all ages! It's great for sensory play babies as well. They will have fun touching and trying grab the ice cold egg.

When I said this activity is great for all ages, I wasn’t joking! Such a fun sensory play for babies. Let your little one feel the cold, smooth ice. They might be unable to pick them up, but they will love trying. My daughter was obsessed with them!

I am always looking for activities for my kids to do outside… AWAY from TV screens and video games. This activity is an awesome one that we are sure to do again and again this summer! When it’s a little hot out, use the sun drenched ground to help melt the eggs and use them to cool you down. These frozen dinosaur eggs are also fun to watch slowly melt in the pool. You’ve got to try this easy summer activity for kids!

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Are you looking for a fun outdoor activity for your children? Look no further. Frozen dinosaur eggs is the perfect learning activity for all ages! This fun science project will be sure to keep them busy for hours!

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Awesome summer time activity to do with kids with water balloons and plastic dinosaurs! These frozen dinosaurs are a backyard activity for kids of all ages-- toddlers to teens! They have so much fun hatching them from their shells. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs are an easy project to do with your kids outdoors using simple and cheap supplies from the dollar store. A great summer time boredom buster for kids of all ages! My 2 year old played with them for hours by the pool.


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