Check out this fun literacy activity combining letters, pictures, and magnetic tiles!

Are your kids beginning to learn the letter sounds? This is a fun and easy to make activity that helps kids match objects with their initial letter sound. I like to think of this as the first step to reading and it’s an essential skill for preschoolers. This literacy game will help preschoolers hear the first sound in each word and correctly match it to the corresponding letter. 

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on letter recognition and letter sounds with my preschooler. So, I created this free printable and game for kids to help them hear the initial letter sound in common words. I mean, how cute are these printouts?! Grab your free beginning letter sound matching game cards here!

Looking for a fun activity for kids? Try making this easy phonics game with a free printout and magnetic tiles. Head outside and let your kids play with magnetic on the garage door while they learn an essential pre-reading skill. Such a fun game for kids.


How cute is this free printable for kids? This beginning letter sounds matching game is fun to play and teaches kids pre-reading skills like letter sounds and phonics awareness. Plus, this activity is super easy and cheap to make!
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How To Make This Easy Phonics Matching Game

Step 1: Start by printing this Free Alphabet Letter Sounds Printable and cut along the dotted lines. Use tape to attach the each letter or picture to a magnetic tile. (PS- this free printout is formatted to fit 3in x 3in square magnetic tiles!) 

My daughter loves this fun and easy phonics game for preschoolers! using just magnetic tiles and a free printout, you can create an easy game that teaches kids letter sounds and matching all in one! Perfect activity to keep preschoolers entertained until nap time!Depending on what stage your child is at, you can play this game with all the letters of the alphabet or just a select few that you’re currently working on.

Step 2: Find a magnetic surface in your house and spread out all of the magnetic tiles in a random order. We used the garage door and it worked perfectly! You can also use your refrigerator or one of these super cool magnetic adhesive sheets from Amazon

Did you know that pre-reading skill start with letter sound identification? This is a phonics skill for preschoolers that is essential for learning to read. With this easy to make game, you can help your kids learn beginning letter sounds by matching pictures and words.

Step 3: Stand back and let your kids match the letters and pictures using the beginning sound of each picture. Give as much or as little support as your child needs. For instance, I would name each picture and repeat the beginning sound and see if my 3 year old could identify which letter made the sound. Older kids won’t need this level of assistance.  

Easy outdoor activity for kids that teaches alphabet sounds and matching. This is the perfect preschool activity that can be done at school or at home. Beginning letter sounds match game with free printable!

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What Does This Letter Sounds Game Teach?

Matching, phonics, letter identification, and so much more. 

This type of phonics game is so important because we want kids to be able to identify what sound they hear with each word. Start slow and don’t rush this process. Even if your little one is only able to identify a couple of letter sounds each time you play this pre-reading game, call it a win! Before you know it your preschooler will be able to identify beginning letter sounds like a champ!

Are you looking for a fun activity to keep your preschooler entertained? How about a game that teaches kids letter sound recognition? Check out this beginning letter sounds matching game with free printables! This fun and interactive game for preschoolers is perfect for building phonics awareness and letter recognition!

check out this fun alphabet activity for preschoolers that helps to build pre-reading skills. Beginning letter sounds matching game is easy to make and so fun for kids. Help your kids identify the initial sound of each word and match it to the letter. The best letter activity for kids. If you're looking for a fun way to jump start your preschoolers reading then I've got the perfect activity for you. This beginning letter sounds matching game is fun for kids and easy to make for busy parents. watch your kids sound out words and find the matching letter. The perfect pre-reading activity. Free printable included.  easy letter and word matching game that teaches kids to identify the initial sound in each work. Awesome way for kids to begin to read.


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