Are you looking for a few simple activities to keep your kids busy during quiet time? Check out these fun activities that take little to no prep time to put together! 

Have your little ones transitioned from nap time to quiet time or maybe you just need a couple of minutes to yourself? You need some quick go-to activities that will keep your kids entertained while you have a moment of quiet. I’ve put together a list of quiet time activities that my kids really enjoy that not only keep their attention, but also take very little time to set up. Whether your kids like coloring, reading, or building with blocks, this list has it all! 

Are you looking for a few fun quiet time activities for your kids? Here is a list of 10+ mess free low prep quiet time activities that are perfect for preschoolers. Stopping nap time can be very scary for us parents but these simple quiet time activities can still give you a few minutes of silence in the middle of your day! Most of these activities don’t take any preparation at all and your kids are guaranteed to love them! Check out these simple, low prep quiet time activities to tackle quiet time today!

Ok, we’ve all had those days where things get a bit too wild and crazy and all we need is 10 minutes of quiet time to reset our mood. While TV time is always easy, it’s not always the answers especially if you’re trying to limit screen time. I love these quiet time activities because they are so simple to set up, mess free and kids stay focused on them for more then 2 minutes! Plus all of these fun activities are screen free time for kids! 




1. Sticker Lines

Sticker lines are one of my favorite activities. They are great for fine motor skill practice and can be used for color sorting, shape recognition and so much more! The simple act of peeling stickers and putting them on the lines help strengthen little hands and increase hand eye coordination! Find the full Sticker Line Tutorial here! Pro-tip create a small version of Sticker lines to take with you to restaurants or on an airplane! 

Looking for a great quiet time preschool activity? Try this sticker line activity from KidsKubby! It’s a fun fine motor activity that's easy to set up and provides hour of fun for your kids! All you need is craft paper and dot stickers to make this fun fine motor activity for your preschooler. Simply draw lines on your paper, tape it to the wall, and have your kids put the dot stickers on the lines. It’s really that easy. When are you going to try Sticker Lines?
Sticker Lines – A Fine Motor Activity for Kids

2. Coloring

Coloring is one of the best no prep quiet time activities ever! I bet at any point, you can find at least 5 coloring books in your house and a whole gallon size bag of crayons. Put your little ones to work creating beautiful coloring pages while you have a few minutes of quiet time to hear yourself think! I love when kids color because they use their imaginations. Coloring is so much more than just crayons on paper. It’s an entire story that your kids can create on every page. 

3. Reading Time (Or Picture Books for Young Kids)

If you have elementary age kids, reading time is a great quiet activity. They can get immersed in a book while having a bit of down time from what I’m sure is a crazy schedule. Plus kids that read at home are exposed to around 50% more words than they hear in day to day conversations! 🤯  Reading time is also great for toddlers and preschoolers too! Even though they cannot read yet, they can look through all the pictures in their age appropriate books! Create a stack of books for your toddler to look through during their quiet time. You can even tell them to set the ones aside that they would really like to read with you after quiet time! 

AHH, My toddler won’t nap! Ok, I know this is so scary but don’t panic! Here is a list of 10+ quiet time activities that are sure to keep your kids busy and entertained. Once they see how fun these quiet time activities are, they will even ask for time alone to play! Not only will they have fun playing but they will also work on fine motor skills, independence, color identification and so much more! All while you have a minute alone to breath.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library will send each child age 0-5 years old a book each month for free! Sign up here for this amazing free book program! 

4. Puzzles

How fun are puzzles? This is a great way to keep your kids engaged during quiet time with a nice and calm activity of kids! Head to the store with your kids and let them pick out several fun puzzles. Make sure to buy different levels of difficulty depending on the age of your kids! When quiet time rolls around each day, your kids can work on their puzzle. It might even be fun to frame all the puzzles your kids complete for a fun puzzle collage on your playroom wall. 

5. Toilet Paper Roll Color Sorting

If you’ve been following Kids Kubby for a minute, you know how much I love dot stickers. These sticker are so versatile and can be used in so many different activities for kids. Toilet Paper Roll Color Sorting is a fun and easy way to teach kids to recognize their colors. In 2 minutes you can set up a quiet time activity that will keep your kids busy for at least 10 minutes. Make this activity more challenging by adding numbers or letters for your kids to match. Check out more details on Toilet Paper Color Matching here!

Toilet paper roll color sorting is a fun and easy way for kids to match colors. I love this color matching activity because it packs quite a learning punch. It takes about 3 minutes to set up and give kids not only color matching practice but also fine motor skill…! Set up is easy as 1-2-3. Take an empty toilet paper roll and make colored circles all over with markers, give your kids some dot stickers, and watch as they match the dot stickers with your marker circles on the toilet paper roll!
Color Sorting Activities For Kids

6. Animal Tape Recue

This fun and simple idea is not only great for fine motor skills, it is also a creative way for young kids to learn their animals and colors at the same time. Check out the full instructions for the Animal Tape Rescue  to create a fun and interactive quiet time activity for your kids! 

Do you have bored kids at home? No problem, break out the painter's tape because these fun activities are easy to create for toddlers and preschoolers! They're perfect for busy moms and dads on a budget using cheap supplies you probably already have at home.
7 Creative Masking Tape Activities For Toddlers

7. Busy Board Books

I think busy board books are one of the best inventions ever! They are the perfect fine motor skill toy for toddlers and are great for traveling because all the little pieces are velcro!  Not only are busy board books engaging sensory toys for kids to learn and grow but they’re also a great tool for parents to teach kids how to count and recognize colors and shapes. Awesome quiet time activity for toddlers and preschoolers! 

Check out these busy board books on Amazon

8. Play Doh

OK, I know I said mess free but what kids doesn’t love Play Doh! I’ve seen my kids play quietly with Play Doh for an hour straight so I just had to include it on this quiet time activities list. Grab some kitchen utensils, maybe a couple of bowl and cups and let your kids go to town building and creating with Play Doh! There are tons of Play Doh sets that you can purchase and always have ready for a  simple quiet time activity. No prep required! 

Are you looking for a good way to manage screen time for your preschoolers? Try quiet time activities. These activities take little to no prep work and kids love them! Simply set up a quiet time area with a few of these fun activities and let your kids independently play while you catch up on emails, house work, or simple have a moment to yourself!

9. Magnatiles

I have yet to find a kid that doesn’t love building with Magnatiles. My kids have created some of the most intricate castles and forts with our Magnatiles. This is a great quiet time activities because it allows for creativity and imagination while still staying calm. I also love that they are safe for toddlers as well as fun for older kids. Break out the Magnatiles for your next quiet time and see what your kids can create! 


10. Tonies Box

I was on the fence about getting my toddler a Tonies Box but boy I’m so glad that I did. This fun little contraption has entertained my daughter for hours! Each little figurine contains about an hour of songs and stories for your kids to listen to. This fun music box is really a great quiet time activity because your kids can choose exactly what they want to listening to and you can have the satisfaction of knowing that this is a screen free, no internet activity for kids. I bought my Tonies Box and all the acceceries on Amazon

What a struggle it is when kids finally drop their last nap. What do we do now to break up our day?? Try quiet time! This is when kids play with low-key toys or activities and take a little break to reset for the rest of the day. Here are 10+ quiet time activities that take little prep work but will keep kids entertained and calm while they rest and recharge.

No matter what your kids love to do, one of these low prep quiet time activities are sure to keep them entertained!  

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Ok, so your preschooler has stopped napping. Now what? Time to implement quiet time. I know this can be daunting at first. I mean how in the world are you going to keep your little one in their room? Try these amazing low prep quiet time activities. With these fun and interactive activities, your preschooler is sure to stay entertained so that you can have a bit of a mid-day break! They might even be having so much fun they don’t want quiet time to end! Quiet time for toddlers (who no longer nap) is so important. There is always so much happening during our days, that toddlers need a few minutes to themselves to calm their minds. These fun and amazing quiet time activities keep kids focused and calm so that they can get some much-needed downtime without screens or our help! No more wishing for just a couple minutes of silence, these activities will keep toddlers entertained and happy. Isn’t independent play so fun!


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