The Perfect Outdoor Craft Idea For Kids Who Love Bubbles!

Who’s ready to make the cutest customizable homemade bubble wands ever?! With just a few simple supplies from the dollar store including pipe cleaners, cookie cutters, and beads you can make magical bubble wands that kids will go nuts over. Don’t want to bother with the bubble solution? Simply make this pipe cleaner craft as instructed and use these as magical fairy wands instead!

Simple outdoor craft idea for kids using pipe cleaners, beads, and cookie cutters. Kids will love making their very own magical DIY bubble wands. These bubble wands make a great party activity for kids. Try making bubble wands at your next birthday party or family gathering to keep kids entertained outdoors! Don't forget a lot of bubble solution because your kids are going to be blowing bubble for hours with this simple to make bubble wand craft.

My kids love blowing bubbles. No matter what mood they are in bubbles will ALWAYS make them happy. So I decided to take our bubble blowing up a notch with this easy to make pipe cleaner craft. Who knew you could make such cute bubble wands out of pipe cleaners?? I’m starting to wonder if there is anything you can’t make with some fuzzy pipe cleaners and colorful pony beads!

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Bubble Wand Supplies

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Beads
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Bubble Solution

if you're looking for a fun pipe cleaner craft for kids, look no further. DIY bubble wands are so easy and fun to make. Kids love choosing the shape and color of their homemade bubble wand. Plus this craft is a cheap to make. I love a good dollar store craft idea!

How To Make Bubble Wands

1. Wrap 1 pipe cleaner around a cookie cutter, twist where the two ends meet and cut off any excess pipe cleaner. 2 inch cookie cutters work best for this pipe cleaner craft.

Easy to make pipe cleaner bubble wands using cheap dollar store supplies. This is the best craft idea for kids because making the bubble wands is super easy and blowing bubbles will keep your kids entertained for hours! So the next time you're at the dollar store grab some pipe cleaners, beads, and a couple of cute cookie cutters and you're ready to make DIY bubble wands!

2. Use a second pipe cleaner and loop it around the bottom of the shape pipe cleaner made in step one. Twist where all the pipe cleaners meet to secure. This is the handle for the bubble wand.

Here is an easy method to make homemade bubble wands using pipe cleaners. Such a great outdoor craft idea for kids!

3. Lace beads through both ends of the pipe cleaner handle. Once you have put beads on the entire wand handle fold the remaining pipe cleaner up to keep the beads from falling off. 

Using a few cheap supplies you might already have at home, your kids can make colorful and fuzzy pipe cleaner bubble wands. This DIY craft is a great birthday party activity for kids. Set up a bubble wand making station and watch the creativity unfold!

4. Dip these adorable DIY bubble wands into bubble solution and let your kids blow fun bubbles all day long. 

Check out this simple tutorial to make DIY bubble wands using supplies you probably already have at home. This is a great outdoor craft for kids of all ages. Everyone loves blowing bubbles and a customized bubble wands makes everything more fun.


➡ If your cookie cutters are smaller than 2 inches, you’ll only need 1 pipe cleaner per DIY bubble wand. Once you wrap the pipe cleaner around the cookie cutter and twist to secure the shape, use the remaining length as the handle for the wand. 

➡ Are your kids not interested in bubbles? Or maybe it’s just too cold to go outside? Make these bubble wands into magical fairy wands for your kids! Your kids will be delighted with a magical wand to cast spells and create a world of fantasy indoors!

➡ Making bubble wands is a great craft idea for birthdays and sleepovers. Set up a bubble wand making station with all the supplies and let the kids create their very own bubble wands. I bet they will spend the whole party blowing bubbles! 

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do your kids love bubbles as much as mine do? Well make their next bubble blowing experience ever better with DIY bubble wands. Each bubble wand is made with 3 cheap supplies that kids can customize with their favorite colors! then head outside with your homemade bubble wand and check out the bubble blowing magic!

These bubble wands are the perfect outdoor activity for kids of all ages. My kids had a blast decorating their very own homemade bubble wands with fuzzy pipe cleaners, fun cookie cutter shapes and colorful beads. I swear they stayed outside blowing bubbles for hours. This is a great activity for kids who love being outside. DIY bubble wands would even be fun to make as a classroom craft or party favor! 

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looking for a fun outdoor activity to enjoy with your kids? DIY bubble wands are so fun to make and they're super budget friendly too! With a few cheap supplies you probably already have at home including pipe cleaners, beads, and cookie cutters you can make simple bubble wands in every shape and color. Here is the best tutorial on how to make homemade bubble wands. With just a couple of easy steps, kids can make customizable bubble wands that will produce the best bubbles ever. So head to the dollar store and grab some pipe cleaners and pony beads and get creating today! easy 5 minute pipe cleaner craft for kids- DIY bubble wands are easy to make and so fun to customize with your favorite shape and color beads. I love this craft for birthday parties and sleepovers. Every kid loves bubbles and a homemade bubble wand makes blowing bubbles so much better! Have you ever wondered how to make bubble wands out of pipe cleaners? Well I've got the perfect tutorial for you. Here you'll find the easiest way to make homemade bubble wands with your kids. All you need is a few cheap supplies from the dollar store and you can make customized pipe cleaner bubble wands in 5 minutes. This is the perfect outdoor craft for kids!


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