Easy and fun way to help kids with color recognition

Learning colors is such a fundamental skill for kids to have. Teaching colors to our kids, on the other hand, can sometimes be a struggle. That’s why I created these amazing color sorting mats! Coloring sorting mats are so convenient and fun to use for toddlers and preschoolers. Plus they are super easy to put together. All you need is a printer, some paper, and scissors. It’s a BONUS if you have a laminator and some velcro dots, but not required at all! 

Free printout for color sorting mats. Kids can sort colors on 3 different pages while learning colors like red, yellow, blue and green, orange, purple, and pink, brown, black.
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I love color sorting activities because they teach kids their colors of course, but they’re also a great quiet time activity that actually keeps kids entertained! Toddlers have so much fun looking at all the little pictures and exercising their brains to figure out what color column to put the picture in. If there is one activity I would recommend to help little ones learn their colors, color sorting mats are it!

toddler sorting and orange carrot on a laminated color sorting mat. This is an easy way for children to work on color recognition and fine motor skills

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How To Teach Kids Their Colors

Use Color Sorting Mats Of Course! 

1. Download and print these awesome color sorting mats – Grab Your Free Printouts Here!

2. Cut out the individual color pictures for each color. 

3. Mix up the pictures and let your kids sort each picture into the correct color column. That’s it! Such an easy and fun way to teach kids their colors! 

4. Start with 1 sorting mat at a time. Once your child has mastered that, then you can add multiple pages for your kids to sort through at the same time. 

preschooler working on color recognition by sorting colored pictures on a color sorting mat. Use velcro dots to help kids know where to place the pictures in each color column.

Helpful Tips

  • I would suggest laminating these color sorting mats to make them last longer. I’ve had the same mats for both of my kids and they still look great!
  • I like to use small velcro dots to help younger kids know where to place the colored pictures. Place one side of the velcro dot on the back of each picture. Place the other side of the Velcro dot somewhere in the color column. Do this for each picture. 
  • Bonus Help– When I have young toddlers (around 18 months) I like to use a marker to color the velcro dots in the color columns with the corresponding color. It’s just another nice visual for younger kids to know where to place each picture.

easy color sorting mats. Just click, print, cut out and play. Kids can sort colors while learning and having fun.
easy to use color sorting mats for kids. simply download the pdf file and print all 6 pages. Than cut out the pictures and let your kids sort each picture into the corresponding color column. It's that easy. Your kids can work on color recognition while having fun.
Here are the best color sorting mats ever. These simple to download printables are free! such a great way to teach kids their colors. Here you see a toddler sorting colored pictures into the corresponding color column.


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