Easy and cheap water table upgrade that takes less than 5 minutes!

Ok y’all, I may have just discovered the best summer hack for kids ever! Using an electric drinking water pump made for 5 gallon water jugs, you can turn an ordinary water table into a fountain oasis for your kids! I am so incredibly excited to share this water table hack with you because it’s seriously going to change your life.

Ok here is the best summertime hack ever! With a cheap water pump from amazon, you can create a constant flowing fountain in your kid’s water table. Every kid loves a water table. Water is one of those things that can keep kids entertained for hours. Well with this simple water table hack, you can upgrade your water table to a fountain oasis in less than 5 minutes! I love this summertime trick because it creates so much joy for kids. Heck this mom hack can be used on any water toy your kids play with!

My kids love the water table. As soon as it’s even remotely warm outside, you can always find them at their faithful Costco water table pouring, scooping, and splashing in the water. While I thoroughly enjoy watching them play with this super fun summer time toy, my daughter is constantly asking me to pour water into the top portion to “make it rain”.

A water table is the best summertime toy for toddlers and preschooler. Yes, we love the pool, but a water table keeps kids entertained far longer than swimming it seems. Check out this budget friendly way to upgrade your water table. A simple pump and 5 minutes will create flowing water and happy kids. Give it a try today!

Luckily she has an amazing and patient older brother who will continually fill up the top with water to keep it flowing. Well I’m about to put him out of a job. Because this water table hack will keep the fountain flowing indefinently and without any cords or plugs! Major safety bonus!


1. Water table

2. Battery operated drinking water pump

Simple and cheap summertime hack for busy parents. With one inexpensive water pump and a water table you can create a fun outdoor activity for summer that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Plus, you can use this amazing parent hack on any water toy your kids have. Create the best summer memories with this easy and budget friendly outdoor water table hack.

How To Hack Your Water Table

Attach the tubing that comes with the pump to the bottom of the pump. Now, thread the tubing through one of the holes on the top of the water table. Run the tubing down the side of the water table into the water. If you’d like you can zip tie the hose to keep it in place.

Make sure that the nozzle of the pump has plenty of room to pump water into the top portion of the water table. Turn the pump on and let the fun begin! This 5 minute summertime hack really is that easy! 

Are you looking for an easy way to create more summer fun for your kids? Try upgrading their water table with a cheap water pump from amazon. This water table hack takes less than 5 minutes and creates endless flowing water. My kids went wild when I showed them how to make constantly flowing water for their water table. I mean they played for hours! Talk about a mom win! Check out this summer hack today!


Helpful Tips & Tricks

Super Awesome Water Table Hack

  • This pump is battery powered so no need to worry about cords and electricity around your little ones.
  • My pump lasted for several hours before I needed to charge it. Simply remove pump, charge, then reinstall on water table for more fun!. 
  • If the hole you’re trying to thread your tubing through is a little small, use a small drill bit to make the hole slightly bigger. 
  • The pump automatically shuts off after 2 minutes or so. It took my daughter about 15 seconds to figure out how to turn it back on. No intervention on my part needed. Show your kids how to push the button on top of the pump to restart the water flow. 
  • Search “5 Gallon Water Dispenser, Electric Drinking Pump” on amazon for a variety of these pumps. 

How to upgrade your water table from dull to a water flowing oasis! This budget friendly and safe method of creating flowing water for your kids’ favorite water table is so easy and cheap. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?! Make summertime extra sweet with this fun and screen free activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Make summertime even better with this simple water table hack. In less than 5 minutes with a cheap water pump, you can make a flowing water fountain that will create hours of fun for your kids. Unlimited outdoor water table fun is just an amazon purchase away. Use this amazing summertime hack to create an epic summer for your kids and heck even your self! 

Are you looking for a summertime hack that will change your life?? Well, I’ve got you. This water table upgrade is cheap and easy. It only takes 5 minutes but makes any water table instantly more fun! I honestly didn’t think there was a way to make my kids love their water table even more but here it is. Kids Kubby has all the details on this amazing water table hack. Check it out!

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Ok, I’m about to change your life! This water table upgrade is so simple and fast but makes a huge difference. With a cheap water pump and 5 minutes, you can create a water activity that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and let’s be honest older kids too. When they see how fun the water table is now, they won’t want to miss out. Create summer memories with this amazing mom hack! It’s so easy your kids can even help upgrade their water table with you.What time is it? SUMMERTIME! It’s our vacation and we don’t want to spend that vacation constantly pouring water into the top of our kids’ water table. I love a good water table, but it seems like one of my kids is always complaining that they can’t keep the water flowing out of the top portion. Well, here is the solution. The best water table hack ever! With a cheap pump from amazon and 5 minutes you can create a fountain oasis that will keep your kids happily playing for hours!


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