cute thanksgiving cupcakes

It’s that awesome time of year, when we feast on glorious Thanksgiving treats and homemade snacks. I went on a little hunt for some fun thanksgiving treats for kids, and found 50 scrumptiously cute Thanksgiving treat ideas. I’ve stumbled upon everything from turkey cookies to acorn donuts!

These little owl cookies are one of my favorites! And, they are fitting for just about any occasion. I found this beautiful picture on Flickr but was unable to track down the actual recipe and instructions. Although, it looks rather self explanatory. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipes, adding two small circles on top for the eyes and a few notches on the bottom with a fork for the feathers, and then bake. After slightly cooling, add chocolate chips on the eye area and an almond for the beak.

50 really cute Thanksgiving & Fall treat ideas!

Source: Flickr

Lilly Childers

A slightly wacky (but crafty) mother of 2 who's always looking for ways to make her children's lives more interesting with fun, food, crafts, and laughs...

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