Simple to make literacy activity for kids using supplies you already have at home.

Well, we’re at it again. Here is another fun learning game using Magna-Tiles! My kids love playing with these fun magnetic tiles, so I decided to make them into a learning activity matching upper and lower case letters. If you’re looking for a homemade literacy game, ABC Match is one of the best!

easy to play matching game for kids using magna-tiles and letters. play this fun game with toddlers and preschools to practice the alphabet. Letter recognition DIY game.

Have you ever noticed that we teach upper case letters to kids first when in reality, words use mostly lower case letters? Seems a little backwards to me. Well in an effort to help my kiddos learn lower case letters, I created this easy and fun alphabet game using magna-tiles. All you need is this free printout, a few magnetic tiles, and a magnetic surface! Let’s learn the ABCs!

What You Will Need

are you looking for a fun activity for kids? this ABC match game is  fun and easy using supplies you probably already have at home. Let your toddlers practice the alphabet with magnetic tiles!

Creating This ABC Match Is So Simple

All you need to do to create this fun literacy game is print out this free Letter Match Printable, cut out each letter on the dotted line and tape each square to magnetic tiles. 

If you're searching for a fun literacy game for kids, you've come to the right place. Here is a free printable to make an ABC match game where kids can practice letter identification and matching. easy and fun activity for kids

Then, find a magnetic surface like your garage door, refrigerator, or one of these fun magnetic chalk boards and spread the letter magna-tiles out. This fun activity can even be played on the floor if you’re lacking magnetic spots around the house!

easy game to help kids learn upper and lower case letter. The alphabet game is perfect for toddler and preschoolers using magna-tiles.

Let your kids match the upper and lower case letters to help improve alphabet recognition!  PS- this is the perfect quiet time activity for preschoolers! 

learning through play is alway so much fun for kids. This easy alphabet game teaches toddler upper and lower case letters using magnetic tiles. Such and easy, fun, and cheap activity for kids

More Options For Letter Matching Fun

Take learning to the next level by asking your kids to name each letter and the sound the letters make. If they’re ready, you can even ask them to name a word that makes the same letter sound.

If your little ones aren’t ready for upper and lower case letter matching start with just uppers OR lowers. With this free PDF you can print as many times as you like! 

If you're looking for a fun way for kids to learn the alphabet this ABC match game is perfect! all you need is some magna-tiles, this free printable, and some tape. Find a magnetic surface in your house like the refrigerator or garage door and your kids can match letters all day!

I love the simplicity of this ABC matching game. You probably already have all the supplies you need at home and it takes only minutes to print and tape the letters on magna-tiles. So if you’re looking for a literacy game to help toddlers and preschoolers learn the alphabet this one is perfect!

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Here is the best alphabet matching game ever! using magnetic tiles, you can create the perfect game to help toddler and preschoolers learn upper and lower case letter. You probably have all the supplies at home! Check out this simple to make literacy game for toddlers and preschoolers that help them practice the alphabet. ABC match teaches kids upper and lower case letters, matching, letter recognition, and so much more. The best learning activity ever! simple and fun activity for kids using magna-tiles and paper. ABC matching game helps kids learn upper and lower case letters through play.


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