awesome rice crispy treat ideas

The old fashion Rice Krispies Treat recipe can be simply amazing with a little bit of creativity. They are so easy to make with endless possibilities! You can shape and build them, color them, stuff them, cover them in chocolate, or put them on a stick! They are the perfect little treat to customize to match any party theme or holiday. Here are some fun Rice Krispie treat recipes and ideas!

Check out this cute and clever “picnic” made out of Rice Krispies by Dine & Dish! Quite impressive, right? This stuff is almost like Playdoh, making it easy to color and shape into just about anything. My kids would have so much fun with this!

Lots unique and fun rice krispie treat ideas!

Lilly Childers

A slightly wacky (but crafty) mother of 2 who's always looking for ways to make her children's lives more interesting with fun, food, crafts, and laughs...

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