Paint Chip Sample Artwork

Among other creative craft projects, Paint chips have become a crafting obsession. The brilliant and varying colors make it easy to make fun projects and gifts. When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I immediately went to check on my stash of old paint swatches from when we moved in and remodeled our home six years ago. Still there! I saved them all. Although most of them were soft earthy colors (I don’t tend to paint my walls hot pink), I still think I can come up with some pretty unique paint chip crafts. My favorite amongst the paint chip crafts are the bookmark paint swatches because they make for such cute yet practical gifts, and I have drawers full of stamps, stencils, and ribbon to decorate them with.

While I love these projects using paint chips, I don’t think it’s right to empty the shelves of your local hardware store – it’s not what they’re intended for. Ask if you can buy them. They might even be able to put in a bulk order for you. Large hardware stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, also throw out their old and out-of-season paint swatches, so ask if they can contact you when they have paint chip samples that need to be discarded.

Lilly Childers

A slightly wacky (but crafty) mother of 2 who's always looking for ways to make her children's lives more interesting with fun, food, crafts, and laughs...

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