Chunky Monkey Banana Bites are an easy, homemade, no-bake snack your kids and family will be sure to love!

If you’re looking for delicious and healthy snack ideas that your picky kids will enjoy, these chunky monkey banana bites will be big hit! These little no-bake treats are great for when you’re needing a little extra protein or a boost of energy, and they are so easy to make with just a few ingredients: bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.

Are you looking for healthy and yummy snacks that will give you a burst of energy and add in some protein? These easy, tasty no-bake chunky monkey banana bites are the perfect treat for the whole family!

Our family loves these tasty little treats! They are our go-to when we’ve been outside in the hot sun all day and are wanting a cold and healthy treat. We used to buy these delicious little bites at the store but they can get pricey with everyone in the house being obsessed with them, so I figured I better start making them at home and save a little money.

Chunky Monkey Banana Bites are a fun easy no-bake treat your kids will love! These little bites are a great pick me up before sports or on a nice day at the pool.

Ingredients & Supplies Needed

  • Bananas: Try and get a banana that’s not too ripe so the bites don’t get mushy when you dip them.
  • Peanut Butter:  You can also use almond butter, sunflower seed butter or cashew butter.
  • Chocolate: My kids prefer milk chocolate but you can use dark chocolate, white chocolate or even semi-sweet chocolate.
  • Coconut Oil: (optional) This is great for helping the chocolate melt.
  • parchment paper
  • A small baking sheet  for the freezer

Chunky Monkey Banana Bites are a quick and easy no-bake snack using bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. These little bites are great for when you're wanting something healthy but still want it to hit the spot!

Once you’ve got the ingredients, the rest is easy breezy! Simply slice your bananas and make little peanut butter sandwiches with them. Allow them to freeze for at least an hour, and then drench them in melted chocolate. Freeze for another hour, and you’re done!

Need to trick your kids into eating something healthy with some added protein? These healthy treats are so good using only 3 ingredients - chocolate chips, bananas, and peanut butter. These tasty bites are so good the kids won't be able to keep there little hands out of them!

Weekends are back-to-back sports for our house, so these sweet and healthy snacks are a great way to provide the kids a boost of energy and nutrients before practice. This snack is made with nutritious ingredients including bananas and peanut butter, making them a yummy source of protein, antioxidants and potassium. 

Chunky Monkey Banana Bites are an awesome quick and healthy tasty treat using 3 ingredients bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. They are the perfect snack for a hot day!

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Our family seriously can't get enough of these delicious wholesome treats! Dark chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter - that's healthy right? They are quick easy and convenient. Did I forget to say they are DELICIOUS?!

No-Bake Chunky Monkey Banana Bites (Kids Love These Yummy Snacks!)

Are you looking for a quick, healthy snack idea for your picky eaters? These DELICIOUS Chunky Monkey Banana Bites are an easy, no-bake treat made with just a few ingredients. They are a huge hit with everyone in my house!
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  • 3 Bananas
  • 1/4 Cup Peanut Butter (or your favorite nut butter)
  • 11.5 oz Chocolate Chips (you can also use dark or white chocolate)
  • 2 tsp Coconut Oil (optional)


  • Slice the bananas into 1/4 inches slices. Place half of the slices on a lined baking sheet and set aside the other half.
  • Heat up the peanut butter in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds, this makes it easier to spread. Spoon about 1/2 tsp of peanut butter on top of each banana slice. When finished adding all the peanut butter, top with the other banana halves.
  • Freeze the peanut butter stuffed bananas for about an hour.
  • Once bananas are frozen, heat up the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl (you can also add some coconut oil to help melt the chocolate if you'd like).
  • One by one, use a fork to dip the bites into the melted chocolate, and then place them back onto your lined baking sheet.
  • Once finished, place them back into the freezer for at least one more hour. Once solid, transfer them to a freezer bag or container until you're ready to start snacking!


  • You can also sprinkle on some other optional ingredients (after dipping into melted chocolate) like crushed nuts or cake decorating sprinkles to add some fun and festive colors.
  • When choosing your baking dish, double check to make sure it will fit in your freezer!

Are you looking for a wholesome healthy treat? You only need 3 ingredients for these tasty snacks bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.

You only need three ingredients for these yummy healthy treats-chocolate chips, bananas, and peanut butter. They are no-bake and super easy to make the whole family will enjoy!


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