Easy activities for kids using magnetic tiles and other simple supplies you already have at home. 

As a mom of a very busy preschooler, I’m always looking for fun and creative activities to keep her entertained. We have been very into magnetic tiles at our house lately. All my kids want to do is build fun contraptions using these nifty magnetic shapes. So I decided to come up with a few Magna-Tile activities that are both fun and educational that toddlers and preschoolers love! 
the best learning activities for preschoolers and toddlers east cheap and fun.

What In The World Are Magnetic Tiles?

If you’re not familiar with Magna-tiles, they are fun plastic shapes with magnets that are perfect for building all sorts of things. There are a few major brands out there. We personally have Magna-tiles so I’m a little partial to them but you can find a variety of different magnetic tiles on Amazon. They even make Frozen inspired ones for the little Ana and Elsa in your life!

Check out this awesome list of fun Magna-Tile games to keep kids entertained on a budget ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

1. Alphabet Match- Upper & Lower Case

Here is a fun learning game using Magna-Tiles! My kids love playing with these fun magnetic tiles, so I decided to make them into a learning activity matching upper and lower case letters. If youโ€™re looking for a homemade literacy game, ABC Match is one of the best!

how to make easy learning games for kids using magnetic tiles.
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2. Learn To Count Math Activity

10 frames are fun little grids used for counting objects in kindergarten. This easy preschool math activity introduces the concept of a ten frame on a smaller scale. Create a box with painters tape and split it into 5 sections. Next, say and write down a number 1-5 for your little one to create in the frame. For instance- say 2 and have your child fill 2 of the boxes with magnetic tiles. Once your child is comfortable with 1-5 move to 1-10!
teach kids to count with this simple magnet activity.

3. Letter and Sound Match

This is an easy activity that helps kids identify the beginning sounds in everyday words. All you need is a printer, some scissors, and magna-tiles! Plus, the free printout is super cute. Your kids will love matching the letters and pictures in this great literacy game.  

budget friendly, cheap activities for kids that you can make at home. magna-tile activities for preschoolers
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4. Shape Match

If you have a metal baking sheet and a marker you can create this fun and engaging shape matching game with magna-tiles. Your kids will love finding the right shape to match the outlines. Make sure to talk about each shape’s name, how many sides the shape has, and color of the shapes to make this an extra special learning activity. Check it out!

Easy way to teach preschoolers about shapes, letters, sounds, and matching through play.
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5. Animal Puzzles

This easy to make magna-tile puzzle game is so fun for kids. And all you need are some magnetic tiles and stickers. It’s a budget friendly activity that you probably already have all the supplies for at home! Find the full instructions here!

Check out these simple to make activities for kids that are fun and budget friendly. magna-tile activities for kids
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Magna-Tiles are so versatile and kids LOVE playing with these fun magnetic shapes. So why not turn your kid’s favorite toy into a learning activity? Here are 5 easy and fun activities for kids using the OH SO AMAZING Magna-Tiles. Your kids can practice letter and sound recognitions, shape identification, counting and so much more! And these Magna-Tile activities are the perfect way to keep kids entertained until dinner! Happy creating!
Are you looking for fun ways to teach preschoolers reading, matching, and counting skills? Here is a list of 5 fun and easy to make learning activities using magna-tiles. The best tools for learning at home. magna-tiles are the world's best learning tools for kids. Teach kids to build, match, count and practice the alphabet using this list of 5 simple and entertaining magnetic tile learning games for kids. are you looking for a fun way to teach preschoolers and keep them entertained? Try making these fun magna-tile activities using free printables and material you already have at home. Each game is designed to increase letter recognition, counting, matching, and fine motor skills. Talk about the best learning games ever.


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