Kid’s games with ice = easy, economical, and most of all, FUN! Let the kids enjoy the outdoors for both summer and winter with these fun and creative ice activities. 

1. Excavating Toys From Ice

This is an simple and entertaining game, especially for a hot day. Simply place plastic toys in a bowl or container and then freeze.  After frozen, give the kiddos plastic or wooden tools to dig their toys out! The ice will slowly melt making them easier and easier to excavate.

5 fun things to do with ice! Excavating toys. :)
Source: Mousehouse
fun things to do with ice for kids | Pinterest crafts for kids
Source: Crumb Bums

2. Colored Ice

A colorful and fun activity in the snow or cold weather! Fill 7 inch balloons with water and a few drops of liquid food coloring, tie and shake, and then let them freeze over night. Use them to decorate your snow-filled yard for a pop of whimsical color. 

Balloons being filled with water and food coloring to make bright colored ice balls.

diy colored ice

3. Sailboat Ice Cubes

Chances are, you’ve already got the materials needed for this cheap and effortless ice cube craft. Place them in a bowl of water for play or ever the pool for floating.

ice crafts for kids
Source: Alphamom

4. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

This is just like the excavating game, but with mini plastic dinosaurs frozen inside of balloons! This would be enjoyable for the kids on any hot summer day by the pool. Get the full details HERE.

Full Instructions: Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

5. Floral And Fruit Ice Cubes

No matter the age, this ice cube idea adds a little bit of color and flavor to any party! Spice up your water, punch, or tea with lemon, mint, or strawberry filled ice cubes. Although a little more expensive, edible flowers are also a cute idea. For clear ice, be sure to use boiled and distilled water.

fun ice cube ideas
Source: Martha Stewart

party ice cubes

fun ice cube ideas

Balloons fill with water and food coloring to create colorful ice balls for winter yard decor.Frozen Dinosaur Eggs are balloons filled with water and a plastic dinosaur. Once frozen and the balloon is peeled away, you get a magical looking ice egg the kids can play without outside in the summer.


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