Hair Bow Hairstyle

Lady Gaga may have given the hair bow hairstyle an eccentric reputation, but with the right technique and placement, you can make a cute and sophisticated hair bow that any girl would love! Whether you go big or small, the key to a classy hair bow is keeping it low on the head as opposed to perched right on top. It’s virtually the same as a bun, but in a little more of a skillful arrangement. Wondering how to make a hair bow hairstyle? Check out the Hair Bow Hairstyle Instructions video at the bottom of this post.

How To Do Hair Bow Hairstyle

Tip: Keep in mind, you can also make a much more subtle and smaller version of this hair bow with your hair half up. Simply pull your hair half up with a hair tie as usual, and then follow the instructions from there. Only difference; there would be no need to tuck the remaining hair in.

Easy Hair Bow Hairstyle Tutorial By Ebeauty Blog:

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